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1st Jun 2016, 4:29 PM
In the Magical World, the future queen is chosen by selecting two young witches and sending them to the Human World, where they'll compete to capture the hearts of boys. Whoever has collected the most by the end of the competition is crowned queen. This generation's Queen Candidates are two young witch girls, the daughters of the current queen and her old competitor. They now reside in the human world with their mentor and guardian.

This is a challenge made by me for the Sims 3 and especially for the Supernatural EP. The goal of the challenge is for one girl to win and build her own family just to start the competition again when her children become teenagers.

-You must have two teenage girls(preferably polar opposites)
-Both must have either the Firty or Hopeless Romantic trait
-The girls may not have any witchy clothes, as they need to blend into human society
-One guardian(either male or female) to act as a teacher/mediator to the girls
-All must be witches

-Must have three bedrooms, two bath(one for the girls, on for the guardian), one kitchen, one living room, one garden/greenhouse, beehives(optional)
-The house may be as glammed up as you want it to be, especially the bedrooms for the girls, etc.

-The goal of the challenge is to be outgoing; make friendships and romantic interests quickly
-This is a point based game as follows:
Scare a Sim- 5 points
Low Romantic Interest- 300 points
Good Friends- 350 points
Best Friends Forever- 1000 points
Best Friends With YA, Adult, or Elder- 3000 points(may not be guardian or relative)
Throw A Party and Amuse All Guests- 500 points(5 guests+)
Cheer Up a Sim- 1000 points
Forbidden Relationship- 2500 points(Relationship with your Rival's love interest, Relationship with a YA, etc.)
Long-term(2 weeks+) Relationship- 5000 points
Offend a Sim- -250 points
Get into a Fight- -500 points
Enemy Status- -1000 points

Also, points can be gained from mastering skills. However, four skills must be mastered to "win" the Queen Title, with Alchemy and Magic/Spellcasting as required.
Logic Skill- 800 points
Guitar- 400 points
Charisma- 1300 points
Cooking- 700 points
Gardening- 1000 points
Writing- 700 points
Handiness- 600 points
Fishing- 400 points
Painting- 600 points
*Alchemy- 1300 points
*Magic/Spellcasting- 2000 points
Riding- 700 points
Social Networking- 800 points

-Aging must be set to normal, however the Teen Age can be set for as long as you need.
-Only witches are allowed in the town. All other Supernaturals must be disabled
-NO BROOMS. Normal society.. Remember?
-Maintain at least a B in School. If a Sim starts getting C's, or misses their homework three days in a row, take 500 points off everyday until corrected. If sent off to boarding school, the other girl automatically wins
-Any magic equipment must be in a "Me and My Household" locked room.
-The Girls are not allowed in the Guardian's room
-May be in any town
-If Pets EP is active, the girls must each have a familiar whom they will take care of.
-Bedtime is at 10 pm
-If a Friendship is lost, -500 points
-If caught cheating, -3000 points
-If caught sabotaging their Rival, -8000 points
-Get away with cheating, 1000 points
-Successfully sabotage Rival, 3000 points
-Part Time Jobs are not allowed

-Comp. is over after ten weeks, when one girl reaches 50,000 points
-As a YA the girl may marry whomever she chooses, and give birth to the next competitors. If her Rival has children, one of them may compete against the Queen's child. These two new children will be moved into a house with a Guardian of the Queen's choosing(perhaps the old house?)
-As a YA to Elder, the queen will stay at home and live in luxury until her death.
-As a YA to Elder, the loser will stay in a low income house and work until death.
-The Guardian may do what they please while/after managing the competition. Careers, relationships, etc. However they may not marry until after the competition, and their partner must not know of Magic.
-If a competitor falls in love with another witch/warlock, they are immediately disqualified.

You lose the Challenge if one of the Competitors dies, or if neither are successful with the skills needed, or if both have points under 20,000 after 10 weeks
Have Fun!

2nd Jun 2016, 5:58 PM
This challenge sounds really neat! Definitely gonna give it a go :)

Ghost sdoj
3rd Jun 2016, 4:00 PM
Is it permitted to get a sim alone, hit him with a love charm while he's distracted by something else, and then talk to him? Or to leave a lot of Potent Friendship potions lying around?

15th Jun 2016, 4:37 PM
Is it permitted to get a sim alone, hit him with a love charm while he's distracted by something else, and then talk to him? Or to leave a lot of Potent Friendship potions lying around?
Any spells/potions the witches learn can be used.