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1st Jun 2016, 4:03 PM
NOTE: I have not tried this challenge out yet but I plan on doing it. Let me know how your challenge goes and what you choose to do with it. I am always open if anyone has suggestions on ways to make this challenge better.

The Axis and the Allies have always hated each other. Although some of the countries (such as Japan and China) are related to one another, their loyalty to their causes has torn them apart. Each alliance must build up an army that outnumbers the other. This challenge focuses on having many people of your chosen alliance in the town.

So I Apologize if this is out there already but I thought of the concept and decided to give it a shot and see if anyone liked it. What works with this challenge is that this challenge will revolve around the Axis Powers and the Allied Forces. This will be a total of 10 sims that may/not be in the household (having a mod to add more later on is recommended). The goal of this is to keep the alliances going between the countries (other sims) throughout the course of 1000 years (10 generations). The Axis Powers must include North Italy, Germany, Japan, Prussia, and South Italy while the Allied Forces must include America, China, England, France, and Russia. If you have the nraas mod that will allow more than 8 sims in a household you can keep all 10 sims in a household but the rules for that will be in a separate section of this challenge post.

You are creating all 10 sims no matter what you have and if you aren't using mods then pick either the Axis (5 sims) or the Alliance (5 sims) to play as.

This is the version I will most likely play with since I haven't ever experimented with the mods before but I know a little bit about them from asylum challenges and such. Anyways you will start off creating 2 households. Create your desired alliance first before moving on to the other household. Most alliance members will have a certain gender to keep the peace between the household. (When I'm saying this I mean since there must be women in the household for what I have in mind, I am changing some of the sims genders to female even though their anime counterparts are ALL male.) You must keep 10 generations of 5 sims. Each sim you have MUST have a successor. The successor can be of any gender but there must be 1 of each gender in order to reproduce. You may NEVER reproduce with anyone out of your household and NEVER EEEEVVVEEEERRR with a member of the other alliance.

Allied Forces CAS:
America: MUST be male. Must have favorite food as hamburger. Must have the traits excitable, couch potato, brave, and party animal. CANNOT be vegetarian. You may pick the last trait. Sign must be Cancer.

England: MUST be male. Favorite food must be fish and chips. Must have the traits neurotic, no sense of humor, proper, and schmoozer. Last trait may be picked. CANNOT EVER be natural cook. Sign must be taurus. (Pardon wikipedia if that's wrong. I believe that is when England was recognized as its own.)

France: MUST be female. Must have traits flirty, hopeless romantic, natural cook, outgoing or social butterfly. Last pick is all yours. CANNOT be shy or socially awkward.

China: MUST be female. Favorite food must be dim sum (unless you have WA and have a different Chinese food.) Must be charismatic, disciplined (if available), workaholic, and animal lover. Last is up to you. CANNOT be unstable, insane, or absent minded.

Russia: MUST be male. Traits must be socially awkward, loves the cold (if available), and loner. Last are up to you. CANNOT be witty, people pleaser, or outgoing.

Canada: (This is an optional character if you want a cute little friend to add to the allies.) MUST be female. Cannot EVER romance England or America because they are siblings. Favorite food must be pancakes. Traits must be shy, family oriented, unlucky, and good. CANNOT have any sort of outgoing trait. Canada is the squishy ball of innocence in the Hetalia world.

Axis Powers CAS:
North Italy: MUST be female. Favorite food must be spaghetti or any sort of pasta~. Traits must include Absent minded, excitable, natural cook, and coward. CANNOT be bookworm, genius, never nude, or disciplined.

South Italy: Can be either gender. If Male is chosen, South cannot romance North. EVER. They are siblings. Favorite food must be spaghetti. Traits must include inappropriate, grumpy, mean spirited, and hot headed. CANNOT have any of the same traits as North Italy.

Germany: MUST be a manly man. Traits must include athletic, handy, and brooding.

Japan: MUST be female. Favorite food must be sushi. Traits must be bookworm, artistic, good, and cat person. CANNOT be party animal, rebellious, snob or social butterfly.

Prussia: MUST be male. Brothers with Germany. Traits must include snob, social butterfly, and diva (if available). CANNOT be schmooze or loser. Prussia is a self absorbed man.

Gameplay: Move both households into homes and choose the one that you want to play as. Make sure that all relationships are set appropriately. China and Japan are siblings but since they are in separate households it doesn't matter when setting such relationships. With the household you want to play as, make sure that their house has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom for each person, and a meeting room with a table and at least 10 chairs (you may need to kaching or motherlode). If you used cheats to set the household to its set standards make sure to set household funds to 5,000 simoleons. Money isn't a huge factor in the challenge but it never hurts to have an average amount of funds. As soon as you move in go to the house you chose for the opposite alliance with your whole household and meet them. You must ensure that once you meet them you set your relationships at the very bottom using testingcheatsenabled true. Once you have done that you must return home. Only one member of the household may work. Germany is the only Axis member allowed to work and it must be in the military. In the Allied Forces, England must be the only working member and he must be employed in the business career. Any of the other household members may write or paint to earn extra cash but actually working is forbidden. ONLY the successor of England and Germany are allowed to work. Once a successor has become a teenager, their official guardian (Ex. If Japans successor becomes a teen, they must move out.) Once you have reached the point when a country must move out, create a retirement building for them to go to. This will be the place that each of the 10 generations goes to once moving out. (You can create a new retirement home for each generation if you like)

General Rules:

1. All countries must have a successor and be moved out into the retirement home before the next generation may begin
2. If anyone dies while in your household you lose automatically
3. Each child successor must have at least one of their guardians traits when born (ensure that the pregnancy goes well or you lose!)
4. 5. Once becoming a child, teen, etc. you must role for the successors traits
5. Must have one male and one female in household at all times
6. Win once all 10 generations have become young adults
7. You're household may only go out once a week to go shopping or have a family outing
8. One a week the other alliance must come over into the meeting room to attempt to better the relationship. Not everything is about war :lovestruc
9. During the period that the other alliance is over, EVERYONE must remain in the meeting room if they are a teenager or older.


Create 2 separate houses on the biggest lot you can buy. Use cheats to build the house and set household funds to anywhere from 5000-10000 simoleons. Each house should have gates around them to block out the others with a small meeting house in the middle of the fences. The Axis may never cross onto the Allied property and same goes for the Allied Forces. Set the Axis and Allied Forces relationships with each other to enemies. Each week you must meet there to try and better the relationship with each other. Establish a retirement home if you would like or you can just wait the sims out until they die once they have a successor. Once a successor reaches the YA stage they must take over their guardians job and the guardian must quit. The rules are the same as above as well as the CAS.

I hope you all enjoy my challenge and remember to let me see how your challenges go!