View Full Version : Ultimate Gold Digger Challenge

Mrs. Frankenstein
27th May 2016, 2:45 PM
Directions: :deal:
1. Create your gold digger. She must be a young adult, and have the Gold Digger LTW. She must have commitment issues, flirt, and mooch as traits. The other 3 are completely up to you, though I recommend flirty and great kisser. Dress them up however skimpy you want her to be.
2. Move your gold digger in. You can use any town, but I recommend Sunset Valley (due to multiple households with rich, male sims). Move her in to any starter house. But, her starter fund must be 1,000. Or to make the challenge more difficult, 500.
3. Find your prey. Must be male and considered rich in the game. Doesn't matter if they're married or not. You must of course flirt with them, become romantic interests and convince him to break it off with his spouse (if he has one). Get married, move in, kick out the ex, and try for baby. Once your sim is pregnant, kill the rich sim and collect your money and go.
4. Repeat step 3 until there's no more rich male sims in your area. OPTIONAL: Move into a different town and keep going.

Basically, have a baby with every rich sim you marry in town - whilst killing and gaining in the process.

:!: RULES: :!:
1. Life span set to normal. Free will doesn't matter.
2. NO cheats can be used at any point in the game. Only when a glitch occurs (resetsim), or to set starter fund, etc..
3. Max. of 2 children per rich sim, and they must keep the rich person's last name as well.
4. Fertility Treatment is not allowed to be used.
5. Can only seduce rich sims. If they ain't got that , it's a no go.
6. You cannot get a career/parttimejob/profession. You must live like a hobo.

+ 3 when..
~ you successfully marry a rich sim.
+ 5 when..
~ you get pregnant each time.
+ 2 when..
~ you have more than one child at a time (twins, triplets, etc.) without the fertility treatment.
+ 10 when..
~ you complete your LTW.
+1 when..
~ you kill your current rich spouse.
- 5 when..
~ you get rejected
- 10 when..
~ you age up

And game over when..
~ you die.

Happy simming! (I am sorry if there is any other challenge similar to mine) Please feel free to post pics on your gold digger and of the genetic combinations they produced with the rich sims in their town. This is my first ever challenge, so I hope it turns out to be fun to play! I'm interested to see how people do.