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20th May 2016, 3:44 PM
The woman lay in a muddy puddle, eyes towards the sky. Her clothes were wet against her skin, her head aching from hitting the ground. However, these were but petty annoyances in the back of her mind. In the forefront was a disappointment. Disappointment in what humanity had become. What was once a thing of beauty was now completely chaotic. There was no thought of the environment, of love, of kindness. In this new Ďmoderní civilisation, there was nothing but hatred.
If this is modernity, letís go back to the primitive times.
As she lay there, mud clinging to her skin, an idea began to flourish. There were rumors of land far away from here which was untouched by this hatred. She would take whoever would come with her and found a new life far away from these people
This challenge is a legacy, designed to run for ten generations but can be less if ten is too long. The aim is for your people to survive living off of the land.

Recommended Mods:
NRaas Master Controller
NRaas Portrait Panel
The above are for more than 8 people in a household.
NRaas Careers
NRaas Careers - School
For homeschooling.
Mods are optional and this challenge can be played without them.

The World:
It is recommended that this challenge is played in an empty, roadless world. However, if you do not want to download custom content, just remove everything from a world you already have.
The world must have a Town Hall if you have the homeschooling mod. If you donít have this mod, it may have a school instead. The world may have nothing else except for a market (consignment store) which must be on the opposite side of the world to your legacy lot . The reason for this will be explained below.

The Family:
Begin with at least four sims with equal genders. Any occult status is allowed but their abilities canít be used for the first five generations and there is a maximum of two starting sims which are allowed to be something other than human. If you do have supernatural sims, please consider getting the mod by Gurra which reduces the lifespan of occults to the same as a human lifespan. Any traits and any lifetime wishes are allowed but keep in mind there will be no standard careers for some time. After you set up your lot to the specifications below, set your family funds to $0.
*EDIT* I forgot to mention, in order to provide spouses for your sims you may make them in CAS and merge them into your household. Only one restriction applies for these sims and that is, you cannot keep any money that they bring into the family.

The Lot:
Start on a 64x64 lot. On it, place enough tents for your starting sims, a firepit (feel free to use a stove and fridge if you don't have them), a small building with a toilet, a crib, and the following skill items:
Inventing Table (Amb)
Easel and/or Chess Table (one for hard, both for easy)
If you have pets, you may also roll on random.org for a chance to have a pet. This is optional. Roll from 1 to 10. If you roll 3 you get a cat, 5 is a horse and 8 is a dog.

The Rules:
Cars are, to the best of your ability, forbidden. Any travel must be done on horses. Children may use ordinary push bikes (no scooters from ITF) as may adults and teenagers only if you donít have Pets.
Lifetime Rewards:
Use your own judgment - itís your game. However, this challenge is supposed to be difficult so cheaty rewards, while not completely prohibited, are discouraged.
The Fridge:
You may not get any quick meals from the fridge, nor may you cook anything which you donít have the ingredients for. The only exception is if you donít have firepits in your game. In that case, you may only have quick meals until you actually unlock the stove and fridge. These quick meals are also not allowed at all during winter.
The Garden:
Every winter, your plants go dormant. For those with seasons, this is easy, for those without it is a little confusing. Week 1 is summer, week 2 is autumn (fall), week 3 and 4 are winter and week 5 is spring. This cycle repeats. During the two winter weeks, you are not allowed to harvest anything from your garden.

Normal lifespan - must be equal to a total of 90 days but you can manipulate this.
Seasons - Winter is two weeks, all others are one week.
Weather - Playerís choice.
Moon - Playerís choice.

The Challenge:
So, yes youíre living off the land. Yes, youíre not allowed standard careersÖ whereís the challenge?
First of all, it is ridiculously easy to earn money in the Sims 3. As such, on the first day of winter of each year (thatís Sunday on week three for those who donít have seasons and then every five weeks), you will be required to pay a bribe to the surrounding cities so that they continue to leave you alone. The amount of this bribe can be determined by the following equations (you can start on easy mode then change to hard half way through or the other way around if you want):

Hard Mode:
(Number of sims who are young adults or higher) x (number of weeks into the game) x (1000)
For example, say I started off with the minimum of four sims and it is the first day of my first winter. I hover my cursor over the time and it says ĎDay 1, Week 3í which means my bribe will be:
4 x 3 x 1000 = $12000.
Therefore, on this Sunday, I will have to remove $12000 from my household using the familyfunds cheat. This is designed to scale in difficulty but I havenít tested this yet.

Easyish Mode:
(Number of sims who are young adults or higher) x (what year this is) x (1000)
Starting off with four sims as above, the first winter is in year one.
4 x 1 x 1000 = $4000
So I will have to remove $4000 from my sims account.
If you canít afford this money, all of your available funds will be removed and then ĺ of your stored food will be taken.

Now, how to make this money?
Anything that you can consign can be used. Writing is an exception, you may use it, but only after computers have been unlocked (see ĎRestrictionsí). Nothing can be sold through buy mode, build mode, or a sims inventory. If thereís something you want to get rid of (such as a piece of furniture) and you canít consign itÖ into the family inventory it goes! In terms of consigning things, a sim must physically travel to the consignment store and sell them. You cannot, however, transfer items into their inventory once they are already there. The only time you can transfer items between sims is when they are on the same lot. You cannot buy items from the consignment store (while the cities donít mind you selling your wares, they forbid you from buying anything because they donít agree with your lifestyle). You also cannot sell anything during winter because the market is closed.

Food is another thing which is crazy broken. A single lettuce can produce 8 servings of salad. For starters, greenhouses, the fake grass from ITF and any other way of preventing plants from becoming dormant is forbidden. During winter, chickens and cows canít be harvested either (store content) but must still be fed daily. As such, storing food for the Winter is a necessity (if you have WA, feel free to add a chest to your lot from the buydebug menu).

For meals themselves, sims arenít allowed to eat produce as it must be cooked into a meal once you have unlocked stoves and fridges. You may only cook single servings of meals and only if you have all of the ingredients. Eggs can be obtained from the chicken coop and cheese from the cow corral if you have them. Fish can be caught and you may Ďtradeí it at the grocery store (if unlocked) for meat in a 10:1 ratio (sell 10 fish through inventory then buy 1 meat/tofu item of your choice from the grocery store or, only if you donít have both of the store animals, you may trade it for eggs or cheese instead).

Restrictions (Yearly)
Years begin on the first day of summer and end on the last day of spring (thatís five weeks long, for those who donít have seasons). For your founding year (Year 1) you may only possess tents or sleeping bags or the cheapest beds (in order of priority), an outhouse (may not be an all in one, only a toilet) and a firepit for roasting fish and vegetables.
After the first year, your small settlement becomes established and may have anything which is unrestricted or has been unlocked.

Restrictions (Skills)
Electricity: In order to have electricity, you must have a sim in your active family with level 10 handiness. Electricity is required for all appliances, lights and electronics to work.
Build/Buy Mode: You may not use build/buy mode (except for the initial setup of your lot and for any extra sleeping spaces you need) until after the first year (5 weeks). In addition, a sim in your active family must have level 10 handiness and inventing (only if you have ambitions, otherwise the only requirement is handiness). The maxed skills may come from different sims.
Ovens and Fridges: Not only do these require maxed handiness (for electricity) and inventing (for build/buy mode), they also require a sim in your active family to have level 10 fishing. The maxed skills may come from different sims.
Computers: Computers of any kind (excluding the ITF computer) require a sim in the active family to have level 10 logic, handiness and inventing. The maxed skills may come from different sims.
Decorations and Outfit Planning: In order for you to use any of the decor items (sculptures, rugs, etc.), you must have a sim in the active family with level 10 painting (and handiness for build/buy mode).
Advanced Tech. Items: For all ITF items, a single sim in the active family must have level 10 logic, inventing, handiness and science (ignore any skills you donít have due to missing expansions). These skills may not be spread over different sims, one sim must max them all.

Restrictions (Buildings):
Grocery Store: Level 10 cooking and gardening are needed to add a grocery store to the marketplace.
Bookstore: The addition of a bookstore to the marketplace requires a sim to have level 10 writing. You may not use a multitab to buy books from your home lot, you have to travel there.
Hospital: To unlock the hospital, level 10 science, logic, writing and social networking are required. The maxed skills may come from different sims and you may ignore the skills you donít have due to missing expansions.
Elixir Store: Level 10 alchemy and level 10 gardening.
Unlocking any other buildings can be done by getting to level 10 in all of the skills associated with the career that building provides. For example, if you want the stadium then you need to max the athletic skill.
The final restriction is if, for example, your sim with maxed handiness dies, all of the restrictions which required handiness to unlock them, will once more be restricted. This means that nothing you currently own which relies on this skill may be used until that skill has been maxed again.
The only fail condition is if everyone dies.

Final Note:
I have not tested this challenge, though I am about too, so any corrections, contradictions or clarifications you come across, please mention. This is my first time writing a challenge so please feel free to critique. I would be extremely happy to see screenshots of you playing this challenge. Finally, if I have copied any other existing challenges I am sorry but I just spent over an hour typing this up so I really donít want to check if there are any similar ones because I donít want it to go to waste.

25th May 2016, 4:21 PM
If we don't have inventing, how do we unlock buy/build mode? And a firepit? ( Sorry, I only have 2 expansions ) Could I replace it with a stove?

25th May 2016, 8:46 PM
Whoa, this seems like a tricky challenge. I'm willing to give it a go.

26th May 2016, 8:49 PM
ArtSimCraft: If you don't have access to one of the skills, just remove it from the list of restrictions. For example, ovens and fridges require handiness, inventing and fishing but for you, only fishing and handiness is required :). Yes, you can use the stove. I just assumed there was a firepit in the BG but I've never played without one or two expansions. Thank you for pointing that out :).

Luckk: I'll take that as a compliment ;). Thank you for trying it and I hope you have fun. Feel free to modify any rules that seem too restrictive to you :).