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16th May 2016, 8:34 PM
This challenge was designed with Late Night in mind. If you have any suggestions to get the challenge to utilize features in other expansions, please suggest them. I am open to any ideas as long as they follow the MTS guidelines.

The story:
Two friends decided they were sick of living their small-town lifestyle. They got a small apartment in the big city and packed their bags. Just before they were set to leave, one of the friend's teenage cousin asked to come with them. The cousin had big dreams. Eventually, the teen's parents let them go with their cousin and their friend.

The rules:

Adults must complete their regular lifetime wishes and the secret lifetime wish
Roll for or choose a secret lifetime wish when they become young adults
You may choose the wishes for the sims you start with
If regular and secret lifetime wishes are too similar, rechoose one of them
The teen at the start of the game must live with two young adults or adults
Someone in each generation (with the friends and the cousin being first) must have a child
You can add extra rules as you see fit

Secret Lifetime Wishes:

Celebutant: Get / Lose 5 celeb stars
Gold Digger: Marry rich, older sim
Seducer: WooHoo with 10 unique sims
Babymaker: Have children with 5 different sims
Bar Bait: Have at least 5 drinks every day
Nightlife Lover: Visit a nightlife location every day
Cougar/Rino: Have a child with a sim one relationship state younger than you (though with young adults, they can wait for teens to age up)
Divorce Master: Divorce 3 times
Entitled: Never get a job - make money with skills
Baby Drama: Try for Baby with two sims in one night
Woohoo Tourist: Woohoo once in every spot

To lose:
Have a sim die without completing their wishes

To win:
Complete 5 or more generations, or play until satisfied

Have fun!

21st May 2016, 6:12 AM
Sounds like fun. Do you do the wishes in order, one gen at a time? Or do all of your sims pick one of the wishes, and the order is up to you? Gonna do it eventually either way.
EDIT: Nevermind, read it wrong.

23rd May 2016, 4:46 AM
Master Breeder: Have a litter of 3+ ( kittens or puppies ) For horses, 3 foals in a gen