View Full Version : The Sims Community Enrichment Program Challenge.

16th May 2016, 9:52 AM
If you're like me and have a lot of the expansion packs and/or store content, You'll notice many of the neighborhoods seem... lacking. Well, I have this challenge to put to use all that bonus content you've got laying around! Build community lots to enrich Sim lives with your additional content. It matters not what expansion packs or store items you have, Here are the rules:

1. Settle into an older neighborhood like Sunset valley or Riverview. One that doesn't have a lot of pre-designed community lots.

2. Pick an existing family to play with, or create your own.

3. As soon as the family is chosen, quickly go to "Edit Town". Set all empty lots as "no visitors allowed" and you may set some pre-made empty houses aside as community lots too. Do not remove any Rabbitholes.

4. On the empty lots/empty buildings build as many of the community lot types as you can. You need not cover every single one (I usually skip the bars and performance venues myself) Make sure that the lots make the most of the expanded content. you may also upgrade existing community lots with the expanded content you have.

5. Now you're going to make some lots that don't necessarily have a corresponding map tag. Tag them instead as "hangouts" so they can be open 24/7. The lots are:

-Community Center: This building will encompass a great deal of skill items not found elsewhere in your world. Here, sims can learn to play various instruments, create many different mediums of art, and even have a party in the community room.
-The "onsen": An onsen is a japanese hot spring resort. Your town already has a community pool, but what about hot tubs and massage tables? In this lot, you will create a relaxing spa where a sim can go to relax, rent a room for the night, and give themselves a little "me time".
-The Technology center: Here, you will showcase all the machines you've acquired, making them available for any sim to use. This place is like an interactive museum.
-The Family Fun center: On this lot you will feature arcade games, sports items, and even food vendors. Any item that increases the fun motive can be found here.
-The Temple to the player: You are a god among sims, so why not build a little place dedicated to the worship of you? Here, sims can throw parties, get married, and remember the sims who have passed on.
-The museum: Unlike the art museum in town, this building will showcase things like the WA artifacts, Ambitions custom statues and widgets, Pets treasures, and anything else that can only be acquired via cheats and/or persistant collecting.
-The Daycare: Unlike the Career, this building will highlight all things meant for child sims. Toys will be available to play with, and any other form of child enrichment shall be here too.

Those are just a few suggestions for what to build for this challenge. As it is a build challenge, expect it to take several days to complete. Once every lot in town is filled with something, make the sims enjoy your hard work and all their new toys!