View Full Version : need help changing correct init thingy to make lamp not fade

27th Apr 2016, 4:55 PM
I did search for help here and found two tidbits on making it so a custom ceiling lamp won't fade when you zoom closer. I have TomB's nofade camera mod in my game and my lamp is still fading when I get close to it. Took me a bit to find the right spot in simpe:

The notepad sitting on simpe are from the two threads that told where to go. I highlighted in light yellow the only things that came close to matching but neither of them ends with a "4' like the instance in the help given by either MaryLou or Inge (I think). In the pink highlighted thingies, it says fade off and fade on -- does anything need to be changed on that?

So, since there is no "[prim 0x0002] Expression (My flag field 2 Set Flag Literal 0x0004)" can someone walk me thru this with baby steps like I'm an idiot that doesn't know what she's doing? Do I need to add that line like it says in the second helper on the notepad text or can I do something with the ones already on there? I looked at that last night and saw swirling black and white lines and heard bawking and babbling.