View Full Version : The Hippie Commune Challenge

30th Apr 2016, 8:08 AM
Seems these sims never got the memo that the sixties are over. These sims live off the land to sustain their lifestyle, but also firmly believe in Peace, Love and Harmony.

So Here goes the Challenge:

1. Create 4-8 sims to work the commune. Name them whatever you'd like, give them whatever traits you'd like, but no two sims may be related to each other. It is recommended you go with a Hippie theme, but it is not required. I recommend a 50/50 sexes division.
2. Choose a large lot and build the commune. It is recommended that you save space for growing things, and build multiple buildings instead of one house.
3. Set the sims to work. Members of the commune may not get jobs off the lot, but can take any "Skill job" that fits their personality. These sims must grow as much of their food as they can, and forage in town for whatever they cannot grow or produce.
4. Low Technology is optimal, but not required.
5. Should the female members of the commune decide to have babies, they can have babies with whomever they want. However, they are forbidden from getting married. They can breed with whatever male they want, but they must have babies to secure the future of the commune. It matters not who the father is, all babies born to commune mothers must remain on the commune. If the menfolk want to have babies, they'd better do so with female commune members, as any baby born to an "outsider" mother is still an outsider.
6. When the babies come of age, they must recruit fresh blood to the commune. The womenfolk recruit men to the commune, and the menfolk recruit women.
7. Keep the commune running for as long as possible. Don't starve the sims, and don't stop having babies.