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25th Apr 2016, 9:40 AM
A Divided Path
EPs Required: Pets

Hey guys, so this is my first challenge and I do know there is already a recent warrior cats challenge but I would like to add my own in. This must be a story mode but if you would like you can revert it to your own likings if you would not like to take on the story mode.

The Goal Of This Challenge
Raise as many clans and cats as you can to be successful and thrive through generations.


Go into CAS and Create a young adult sim and at least one cat of any gender.
Choose a large empty lot for your can's territory. On it create a small space with the necessary items for your sim and then create a realistic landscape with an ideal place for camp.
Go to the map and find a suitable lot for your medicine cat gathering place. As well, find a place to hold your full moon meeting places if you are going to have more than one clan.
Create a barn or something to add many rogues, loners, and kitty-pets to.
Come up with a plot and a prophecy. An example you may use for a prophecy will be listed bellow. (Make sure the prophecy fits with your plot and your characters traits.)
Go about with your cats and watch the fate of your clan(s) form before your very eyes.

Example Prophecy
This is my own prophecy for this challenge, you may mold it to fit your own but please do not copy.

With the previous blood spilled
A light will land At Starclan's paws
Four kits of Tiger and Feather
Will form paths
That will lead to a new dawn

Leader - Is appointed when former leader dies
Deputy - Is appointed when either former deputy is dead or when a new leader is appointed
Medicine Cat - Is appointed when former medicine cat dies and apprentice takes place, communicates with Starclan and heals cats
Special Ranks - This is not optional. Is a cat that will do anything that is not hunting, healing, playing, fighting, or leading. (Basically nothing like the basic ranks.) Will take on an apprentice that will succeed this cat.
Warrior - Is made when an apprentice gains one hunting skill point, hunts and defends the clan
Apprentice - Is made when a kit ages up to an adult
Queen - She-cats that bear kits or nurse them
Kit - Is simply born
Elder - Is made when a warrior gets too old to do any more work

1. You must follow all these rules.
2. Must start with at least one cat that must be included in a prophecy.
3. You must have a prophecy that will lead to others and effects the clan(s).
4. You may use any mods but you can't cut corners with illness or food.
5. Your cats can't drink water unless it happens by accidents and you don't stop them on time.
6. You must have random events that will affect the clan(s) in any way. Examples will be bellow.
7. A warrior must catch at least two items to be allowed to eat(Unless they are injured or sick) . Apprentices must carry at their duties of taking care of the elders and catch at least 1 item for the fresh-kill pile before they may eat(Unless they are injured or sick or have been training that day).
8. You may not adopt cats from the shelter.
9. An apprentice may only become a warrior if they have reached level 5 of their hunting skill.
10. Have fun!

Losing Conditions
1. Your cats are taken away by social services.
2. All cats die.
3. Your prophecy fails.

If you have any suggestions please let me know!

21st Jul 2016, 1:19 AM
Oooooooh, interesting! I might incorporate this into my own Warrior Cats challenge! :3