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25th Apr 2016, 9:38 AM
Ok so this is my first challenges so it might be REALLY confusing but I hope it's not! This challenge is called the 101 dalmations and you will only need base game (duh) and pets (because you need dogs) and yeah let's get into the game play! The first sim once loved children and pets and she lived in a butiful Home with her husband, daughter, and dogs, the dogs were 2 dalmations who loved each other very strongly, then one night the mom and dad got in a huge fight which led to the father running away while the mother slept in bed dreaming about how much she hated him and hated everyone else in the world and woke up doing just that, NOW this is were u come in to breed the dogs and get 101 of them just to make the mother happy again and be able to get her husband back! So the point of the challenge get 101 dalmation puppy's!

1. The first sim you may (must be a woman) name anything you would like but make it an evil sounding name, there traits may be any of the following 😡
Mean spirited
Hates children
And this trait YOU can choose!
Her lifetime wish has to be something to do with $ or pets or family!

2. The daughters name is Rosseta and she is very cow girlish loving animals and stuff like that! Now for the traits 😘
Family oriented
(As many animal traits you can)
3. The first dogs name MUST be Pongo and MUST be a male you may choose his traits 😀
4. The second dogs name MUST be Perdita and she must be a female you may choose her traits

So in the end you need 101 puppy's and the mother then must be dead and the daughter will hopefully be a YA or A and must get married!

Also if you look up "what are the names of the 101 dalmations parents" it will come up with there names and there 15 puppy's names so you can also name the first 15 puppy's those names!!!!!

Hope you guys enjoy this challenge and this is my first one and I hade allot of fun making it up! Also if you guys have any questions ASK THEM I will try to respond as quick as possible!!!!! Thanks for reading 😘🐶