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Heart Sims
25th Apr 2016, 9:36 AM
So this may seem like I am copying the A-Z children challenge but I am not, just hear me out.

This is a challenge where every generation is a letter. Example: the starter's kids all start with the letter A, then all of the letter A heir's children all start with the letter B and so forth. You might be saying "What's the challenge in that?" and there is no challenge in that, but add that with the fact that you have to have 10 babies every generation, you cannot get a real job (so you have to paint or write or fish for a living), and that you have to buy a medium lot (whatever you think) using the free real estate (it's recommended to be far away) and only live on that lot for the entire challenge, and start with around 1,000 simoleons (between 500-2,000). Plus, you have to choose every single trait for your kids and marry someone with the same first letter as you (except for the starters). All of this with life span on normal and both parents have fertility treatment (you can cheat to get this) and your job just got a whole lot harder.

Your starters can be named anything and they can have any traits, just not dislikes children or commitment issues.

Like I said, it has to be medium-ish sized and isolated. It can be an island if the island is medium-sized. Choose which lot you want wisely, as it will be the lot you use for the rest of the challenge.

You cannot get a "real" job, but you can get money by selling insects, plants, and rocks or gems, painting, writing, fishing, or any others. You cannot be self employed via mod or expansion pack.

The heir is the 10th child, or the youngest.

The heir can only marry someone that has the same first letter as they. (Letter A heir has to marry someone starting with the letter A) This rule can be excepted if you cannot find anyone named with your letter that is not married then you can change their name, or just add someone into the town that has a name like that, but they cannot look extra-cute or anything like that.

Like I said, you have to choose every single trait for all of your kids. If you don't, it's -50 points per each trait you did not choose. And before you ask, no you cannot adopt so you can have 10 kids. You have to birth them all yourself. But it gets easier because both parents have to have fertility treatment (but if you don't know how to cheat to do this, look it up, and if you can't, then just play without the treatment, but you can put the lifespan longer) Try to choose traits that fit like a personality. i.e. Virtuoso and Artist, Athletic and Brave, Genius and Bookworm, Gatherer(?) and Green Thumb. You are allowed to age them up early, but twins and triplets have to be aged up on the same day.

Extra challenges
- You have to paint a picture of every kid, so about 260 portraits. Make a big room.
- Every kid has their own room.
- You have to fulfill every buy mode wish.
- If your Heir or Spouse wants more children, then they have to have more children.

+05 for every trait you choose
+05 for every single child
+15 for every twins
+25 for every tripplet
+10 for every fully trained toddler
+15 for every toddler that masters the xylophone and the toy box
+15 for every child that masters the building blocks
+20 for every kid aging up on honer roll (teen and child)
+30 for every party you play at (guitar)
+30 for every brilliant painting
+30 for every book written
~99 for not having 10 or more kids
~50 for not choosing a trait
~50 for every toddler not fully trained
~05 for every toddler that doesn't master the xylophone and the toy box
~05 for every child not mastering the building blocks
~25 for every kid not aging up on honer roll (teen and child)
~35 for every kid not aging up with a A (teen and child)
~40 for every kid aging up with a B (teen and child)
~45 for every kid aging up with a C
~10 for every kid not learning something to help make money (painting, hacking, writing, ect.)

I understand that there are expansion packs that give more ways to make money (sculpting, ect.) Feel free to use these ways! I only have base game which is why I didn't add these ways. If you tell me what these ways are, I will add them, and reference you for telling me.

While using expansion packs, you can get more traits that will help you with this challenge. Feel free to use those traits. I do not have these traits because I only have base game. If you tell me these traits, I will add them, and reference you below.

Feel free to leave any extra ideas down in the comments section and I may add them to the challenge, and add your name in a list at the bottom of people who helped. Don't worry! you won't have to restart the challenge.

Heart Sims (me),

Heart Sims
18th May 2016, 3:44 AM
Hi! I'm Heart Sims. I may be posting what happens, just not any pictures because I have console. I cheated and got myself a good-sized house where my family can live, and added a few things so it fits my needs. I then had my founders, Casie and Jonathan have three girls, Amber(Athletic and Brave), Aspen(Genius and Friendly), and Ally(Artistic and Virtuoso). I currently only have 54 simoleons, 3 kids, and a good-sized garden. 3 laptops, 2 guitars, and football. I also have the 4-everything van plus two adult bikes. I already have 30 points!