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13th Apr 2016, 10:15 PM
I've been looking for a good zombie apocalypse challenge for a while without mods or ambitions to it but I couldn't find any so I thought up of this. Note this isn't based on Highschool of The Dead exactly (for one, theres not going to be so many teenagers in heat, if you watched the show you'd know what I mean. Also theres no teachers.) If you don't have any of the packs for the traits that's fine just improvise. Whats a close second to the trait?

:!: Backstory: It happened so fast. One day you were praying for the bell to end, the next thing you know you hear screaming from below. Your teacher looks at you bored and tells you and the few of you that attended today to 'stay put'. But the instant she opened that door, something that could only be described as a monster lunged at her, biting her hard on the neck. Luckily the jock in the room acted fast, squashing the monster with a chair. Although you and your classmates tried your best, you could not save the teacher. Everyone huddles in the back of the room, wondering what to do, when one of the girls notices the teacher getting back up. She walks towards her, thinking happily that she wasn't dead. You know that you felt her heart stop, so you act immediately, pulling the girl back, and just in time as the teacher went to take a bite out of the girl, you managed to pull her far enough out of the way so the teacher fell flat on its face. The jock repeats what he did to the monster, immediately afterwards sits down in a chair, panicking. In fact you look around and its the same all around for your classmates. You know you all can't stay here so you take lead of the situation, with everyone carefully escaping the infested school. Just before you leave the gates to the school, One of your classmates worries about their parents missing her and running into the school. You look around, zombies are completely infested in this area (although not paying any attention to you) and it'd be a miracle if her parents were alive in this, but you can't let the group lose morale, so you take a marker out of your bag, telling the group to write down on the gate walls messages to their parents. This lifts their spirits and after their done, you take the marker and write in as large lettering as you can 'ALL DEAD INSIDE, DO NOT ENTER!'. With that, You all set out to take shelter, and hopefully ride out this mess until help arrives.

Nice story? Okay lets get to the rules and the building.

:!: Create A Sim: You can create as many sims as you like, as long as these three are included.
Jock: Make him strong and good looking, after all he's the star quarterback. Also give him these traits:
Brave (He ran and killed two monsters before they were a total threat.), Athletic, Kleptomanic , And Social Butterfly. If you don't have Social Butterfly you can use Party Animal.
THE Social Butterfly: She's the gullible girl who nearly got eaten by the teacher. She's the girl who knows everybody and is friends with everyone, even if she doesn't get high grades. Give her these traits : Social Butterfly (Obviously) Diva, Easily Impressed, And Neurotic. Obviously not useful but if you don't have Diva or Social Butterfly you can use Artistic, Party Animal, Or Absent Minded.
Gardener: This girl was part of the gardening club and was the one who noticed the teacher rising (just trying to incorporate her into the story) Have her traits be: Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian, and Shy. If you don't have Shy then use the Loner trait.
Also include some sim self of you from the story. The exact details are up to you but give, yourself (lol), Charistmatic and Brave. After all you lead several traumatized teenagers out of a zombie infested school safely.
:alarm: having a ton of sims might be much harder to manage what their doing. You'll see why in the rules in a moment.

Okay now the rules: :alarm:
1. If a sim breaks these rules, for any reason at all even if you weren't controlling them, you lose (unless said otherwise.) I figure since this challenge will be much more lax than others there shouldn't be an expectation if you break any for some challenge. Micro Managing is encouraged!
2.Your Runners may leave any time but must be back by 6:30 am each morning (unless they left that exact same morning. then its the next morning). Much more than that and s/he is presumed dead and all of the items they received are forfeit.
3.You may send someone to the store to purchase up to 600 dollars worth of food when the game begins. You directed your group to raid the cafeteria before you left the school. (I recommend using this to get a garden going)
4. You may purchase what normal books, music books, and cook books that you'd like but you cannot purchase any skill gain books. You'll have to ether learn the skills at home at the base or use your running time and risk coming into close contact by going to the library (if your in Bridgeport, your simply out of luck)
5. Exception to rule 4 is that you can buy the gardener the first two gardening skill books but once she has finished them you must delete them ( just sell them money has no point in this challenge anyways)
6. Turn most of the other sims into ether zombies (if you have SP) or Mummies (If you have WA) if you can If you don't have ether, then roll a D20 (or a dice app between 1 and 20. I highly recommend random.org for this.) below 16 and their a zombie. 16 above and they are safe. If its painfully obvious you have too many safe sims, then roll again (The zombies wrecked serious mayhem across the city. I don't think they would have been able to if a majority of the citizens weren't turned already.) ( Its fine to ignore this step just roll for when theres a sim coming near. Keep track with who is safe and who is a zombie)
7. Everyone who is not a runner should be staying on the lot at all times unless accompanied by a runner off the lot at all times. One runner can only accompany one person off the lot.

Okay I can't think of anything else there. Simple rules there though I think. If its way too easy and you think its missing something there comment down below.

:!: Creating the Shelter:
lot size really doesn't matter, but there should be a large, tall fence build around it. When building these rooms, try to keep it ether old or rustic looking. if you can't find anything like that then just use the cheapest item.
When building the house, make sure to include:
6x6 Kitchen: 1 fridge, 1 stove, 3-4 counters.
6x6 Living Room: 1 couch, 1 end table, 1 portable radio, 1 bookcase
2x3 Bathroom: 1 sink, 1 toilet, 1 shower. 1 cheap mirror (if you have the 'its not gross' shower from the sims store use that, since their essentially rigging this stuff up themselves have a full on glass shower wouldn't make much sense if they could just rig a hose through the wall)
2 5x6 Bedrooms: 3 single beds in each room, one dresser.
Also you may add one piece of exercise equipment. Doesn't matter which one (if you have WA you can take full advantage of this by getting the martial arts dummy, giving you two different skills *martial arts and athletic*)
By the end of this its probably going to be an awkward looking house but you can build on this later so it should be fine.

Okay so now for some of the systems.

Bartering System: Okay lets face it, more people survived. Lots of these people have been... 'acquiring' items you haven't been able to get. And they are more than willing to trade with you. If you want to trade for:

Furniture: You must trade with food or furniture up to the same value. collectables and Paintings have no value here.

Skill Items: You may trade with any item you please however if its collectables and paintings that are your main trade, take half the value of the item you want and add it to value of the item. For example if I want to purchase an art easel, which cost 350, I would take half the value, 175, and add it to the original value. 175+350=525.
After all you can't exactly do anything with paintings or collectables.

Electronics: If your trading with food or furniture, then trade for only half the value of the electronic. If your trading with collectables and paintings, then it stays the same.

Plumbing: Trading stays equal here. Though if your main trade here is food, and only food, half the value of the plumbing. Most people don't want to hunker down in this dead zone town so setting up plumbing has no interest to them.

Cookware: Same as Plumbing. Most people don't want to set up everything so their more than happy to trade these to you. especially if your giving them food for it. (their probably laughing as they walk away though, thinking they got the better deal.)

Recreation: If your trading with food or furniture, then half the value. If its the choice between having fun or having a full belly or sleeping in a warm bed, most people will choose food and bed in these dire times. Recreation includes foosball tables, darts, things that give fun but aren't electronic and don't give skill points.

Children: For those who intend to play this challenge as long as possible, toy are the same as recreation. Most people will have no trouble taking their children's teddy bear and trading it to you for that night's meal. Heartless as that sounds, These aren't exactly safe times.

And of course the point everyone was waiting for 'probably', the infection system!

If your sim gets into a fight with a zombie (or a mummy depending on what sort of monster is roaming your town) regardless of what happens afterwards you must roll (D20 is preferable) if you roll under 8 your sim is infected. If they won the fight you have them for 2 more days before they turn. If they lost then their dead to begin with. Ether way you are losing your sim. Like with High School Of the Dead though your sim cannot be infected unless they get bitten or slashed. Pretty easy though isn't it?

Oh you want a way to win? okay here you go (you'll see it in a moment)
Event System (if you want to play to win or just have some good luck on days) This means every day you must roll in the morning at 8am.

1-3: Your runners are feeling extremely under the weather. for the next 2 days they must remain in bed unless to get something to eat or to shower. This means you will not be able to scavenge at all during this time or go to the library.
4-8: One of your runners went out scavenging today when they found an alleyway with supply crates dropped! They must have missed their target because no one had found them. Inside is 600 dollars of supplies, 4 water pumps, and best of all, 4 vaccines! While these do not treat the infection itself it does help prevent the common cold (these may be used if you roll 1-3,)
9-12: A Rival Group of Schoolmates shows up. While they can't get inside your perimeter, they stay on a stake out during most of the day, waiting for a gap in your defenses so they can break in and end you. During the next 2 days, during the day from 11am to 9pm you may not send any runners out (which is risky since you cannot miss your 6:30 curfew) (Why is it 11am instead of arriving bright and early? Well just like the show they are extremely indulgent, and refuse to get out of bed before 10.)
13-17: Some survivors came past today and left a skill gain object at your gate (if you have the Gang Event going on, they swipe it. You can go retrieve if you wish but that would require going to the gang and initiating a fight, where if you lose, they take you hostage. you can take more than one person but if someone doesn't stay behind they will take over your base regardless of what you do, forcing you to ether move, taking only what you have in your inventory, or surrendering to them, giving up the challenge. (move a gang of teenagers in there after you move your sims and set your relationships for them as enemies if you keep up the challenge)
18-20: Someone swears they heard an emergency broadcast from the army on the radio today. the first 2 times you get this event the rest of you dismiss it but the 3rd time their all in the room as they hear it. after you get this event 3 times in 2 days you will be rescued and you will win the challenge.

I do plan to add much more to this challenge but I'm posting it as is now because I always end up leaving it on a tab for days until windows finally refreshes the page, causing me to lose all the progress of my challenge. I do hope you enjoy this challenge if you think theres anything that could be added to it please comment below. Enjoy! :king: *ultra smilies because I've been trying to post a challenge for months now lol*