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29th Mar 2016, 8:16 PM
The idea behind this challenge is to travel to the "past" in the time machine from Ambitions, bring back 5 kids and raise them to teens. Because a random child is sometimes added to the sim when traveling in the past I thought it would make a great challenge. Here are the rules:

1. Start with a new YA Sim.
2. Set Lifespan to 100 days in any combination.
3. Have the sim build a time machine (from Ambitions) or buy one from consignment store. You CANNOT get one from buy/debug.
4. Sim must have traits: Nurturing or Family Oriented, Brave and Adventurous. Other traits your choice.
5. Must have LTW of Surrounded by Family.
6. Sim must travel to the past and bring back 5 children (machine will randomly add child to family while traveling in the past), raise them to Teenagers and fulfill the LTW of Surrounded by family.
7. Sim can marry but cannot have natural children until 5 children from past have been added to family - a natural child disqualifies sim from challenge.
8. Sim CANNOT woohoo or Try for Baby in past to add child to family.
9. Sim cannot use any age extenders, such as life fruit, LT reward points, potions, etc to extend life.
10. Sim can have death flower but must give it up when reaching elder status.
11. Time Machine cannot be modified or mods used to make machine produce higher chances of children added/found.

Note: The interesting and challenging thing about this is that a sim can spend many trips in the time machine traveling to the past and no children are added. Then, one trip WILL produce a child. Don't give up if a child isn't added for some time. Also, it's fun to dress your sims in different costumes of different time periods for traveling. Can your sim find 5 kids in their lifetime? Try it and see :)
If you would like to follow this challenge played out you can see it here: http://simplemindedsims.com/2015/06/time-machine-challenge/
Feel free to leave a comment :)

1st Apr 2016, 6:46 PM
Doing this. Like now.

1st Apr 2016, 8:36 PM
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please keep us up to date on how it's going. Love feedback :)