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25th Mar 2016, 1:30 PM
Your dream is to become the Leader of the Free World, but you have to do it WITHOUT joining the political career! Somehow, you've got to find a way to get elected via write-in. And it doesn't count unless you achieve the office of President.


MODS REQUIRED: All the official expansion packs. You'll also need either "Dexter the Bear" and/or The Weapons Mod, found here: http://modthesims.info/d/402950. You can have both if you want.

Anything that doesn't affect any career track (aside from adding entirely new, stand-alone careers), the skills trees, or lifetime wishes (aside from adjusting the lifetime happiness points). Stuff packs are also optional. Nraas relativity is highly recommended.


First, perhaps you could make your character bald and with a giant pair of glasses, in order to look the part. But this is not mandatory.

His lifetime wish is to be Leader of the Free World. You win the challenge if you achieve this wish without joining the political career.

Three mandatory traits: Evil, Genius, and Ambitious.

You can have Star Quality or Social Butterfly to help increase your celebrity status, but not both.


The best place to start out would probably be Sunset Valley. My personal suggestion is to create a 64x64 lot (there are a couple of areas near the horse ranch where you can do that) and level that plot. One thing you'll definitely want to do is build an ENORMOUS basement that you can use as your secret underground lab! Mwah ha ha!

Start by using a console command to give your character 1,000,000 Simoleons. This may seem like a cheat, but think about how many mad scientists have access to insane technology far ahead of their time without ANY explanation as to how they're able to afford it!

Build yourself a modest little 1br, 1ba home (no greater than 20x10, single-story), but with a 64x50 basement connected to the surface via elevator. The reason you'll want a 14 squares at the end is so you can eventually build lakes (more on that later).

Place a bookshelf in front of the elevator's door (you'll have to place it at least two spaces in front so as not to block your path to the elevator, so you'll just have to suspend your disbelief), to have the cliche secret entrance to your evil lair.

Place about ten rooms that are 5x5 squares each alongside one of the 50-tile walls. Place doors at each of these walls. These are your prison cells! Good for holding your live test subjects.

Purchase an Alchemy lab, science station, chemistry station, scraptronic workbench, and Bot Workshop. Also buy about ten surfaces you can place things on to analyze.

Behind your modest-looking cottage, place some fencing in 7x7 incriments, include gates to each sector, and lock the gates for everyone but you. This is because, to hide the fact that you're a mad scientist, you're going to be officially registered as a gardener. These fences separate each of your crops. You should have at least twelve 7x7 sections arranged 3x4. In the far back (where there is no basement underneath) will be unused for now, but will be made into ponds once you are ready to make ambrosia.

Once you've done all this, switch to live mode, get on your cell phone, and register as a self-employed gardener. Go to the grocery store and buy about 50 tomatoes and 50 lettuce to plant. Head to the consignment store and see if they have a sample of Wolfsbane and Red Valerian Root for you to grow to assist in making Jars of Friendship and Invigorating Elixirs. It should also have a bloodstone gem dust for sale; copying that with your science station should enable you to spam Bottled Vampires Bite for tons of under-the-table income.

Since you're not allowed to join the politics career track, you'll be relying on friends and celebrity status to get a write-in election.

Also, your friends are not your "friends," per say; they are your minions! Dare them to do something, and it's a direct order, not a request. If they refuse to disobey, you have to kill them (this is what the Dexter the Bear and Weapons mods are for). This is not optional! They disobey their master (aka you), and they die. You are set back int he number of friends to write you in.

Once you have enough money, you are allowed to purchase businesses for even more income.

How you take over the world is up to you. Do you gene splice to create an army of clones of yourself? Do you build an army of robots? Do you simply kill those who don't vote for you? It's up to you! Get creative!