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19th Mar 2016, 1:16 PM
This mental institution in Sunset Valley needs a doctor who can meet the challenges of taking care of the mentally ill. To start, download or build an Asylum any way you want it. It must have enough beds for 10 patients and a separate living area for the doctor which is off limits to the patients. These are the rules:

1. The doctor must graduate from university with an A in science and medicine.
2. Take care of 10 mentally ill patients, 5 male and 5 female
3. In order to be admitted to the asylum patients must have random traits that include at least 2 mental illnesses. They cannot go out to work until released but can earn money from skills. (For acceptable mental illnesses see note at the end)
4. Cure all their mental illnesses (based on traits) by fulfilling their wants and/or Life Time Wishes so they gain enough life time reward points to buy a cure (the "Midlife Crisis" reward). Then roll randomly for new traits. If all mental traits are replaced, the patient is cured. If they roll other illnesses, they need to stay and work toward another cure.
5. Start with 100 simolians per patient and receive 500 simolians for each illness cured.
6. Prepare each patient to become employed upon their release by helping them gain needed skills for their chosen career and/or life time want.
7. Have no hired staff.
8. Provide outings as a group not individually.
9. Control of the patients is only allowed for them to fulfill wants/Life Time Wishes and follow doctor given therapies - not for personal care (such as sleep, eat, bathroom etc.).
10. All wants must be fulfilled - except those related to travel, jobs, harming other patients, engagement and marriage.
11. Patients must leave the asylum fully cured of all illnesses.
12. There are no restrictions on the doctor regarding marriage/family. However, the doctor is the only person allowed to be involved with the patients. Family must be kept separate from the asylum (Basement suite, upper living quarters, separate house on lot with restricted access to the patients)

Notes: Mental illnesses accepted for admittance are:

ADHD (Absent Minded); Delusional Disorder (Bot Fan); Hyperkulturemia (Can't stand art); Immature Personality Disorder (Childish); Philophobia (Commitment issues); Panic Disorder (Coward); Geophagia (Daredevil - eating dirt); Pedophobia (Dislikes Children); Histrionic personality disorder (Dramatic); Antisocial personality disorder: Sociopath (Evil); Conduct Disorder (Mean Spirited); Intermittent Explosive Disorder (hot headed); Agoraphobia (Hates the outdoors); Hydrophobia (Hydrophobic); Asperger Syndrome (Inappropriate) Social Phobia (Socially awkward); Schizoaffective Disorder (Insane); Kleptomania (Kleptomaniac); Enochlophobia (Loner); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Neurotic); Gymnophobia (Never nude); Oppositional defiant disorder (Rebellious); Bi-polar Disorder (Over Emotional); Technophobia (Technophobe); Anxiety Disorder (Unlucky); Multiple Personality Disorder (Unstable); Ablutophobia (Slob); Social Anxiety Disorder (Shy); Anti-Social Personality Disorder (No Sense of Humor).

To see this challenge played out visit: http://simplemindedsims.com/2015/11/the-sunset-asylum/

20th Mar 2016, 3:24 AM
Although I love the the concept of this challenge, you most likely have forgotten some people don't have the expansions to each thing needed for the LP. For example, I don't have University EP. Is there a substitution for this?
That's all my concerns. Great challenge by the way!

20th Mar 2016, 1:30 PM
@clyson - I'm not the TS obviously but just substitute medical degree with Genius & Good trait (or any other suitable "doctor trait" - eccentric perhaps)? Going to uni isn't really needed for the objective anyway, from the looks of it.

"Anti-Social Personality Disorder (No Sense of Humor)" - I'd argue that ASPD would be closer to the "hot-headed" trait, or "mean spirited". Someone who constantly picks fights with others and breaks the law. Sims with no sense of humor like to share trivia - pretty much the opposite of anti-social behavior, they are overly civilized.

I like that this version of the asylum challenge is harder, with the Midlife Crisis random roll.

21st Mar 2016, 5:54 AM
@clyson - Yes there is a solution to the No Uni EP. I would say, if you want more of a challenge, the doctor has to Max out the Logic skill to qualify. But, as toxi says, it's not that important and was added for those who have the uni ep. If not, then just choose all the appropriate traits a doctor would have.

@toxi - thanks for the suggestions on the mental illnesses. Anyone who wants to change the name for the different mental illnesses is fine. My main purpose was to have mental illnesses, whichever you choose, to be based on traits for this challenge. So if you want to change Anti-Social Personality Disorder to Hot-headed or Mean Spirited, that's ok. My list of disorders were just a guideline.

I hope anyone who tries this has fun and I would love to hear the results of your experience with it. :)