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12th Mar 2016, 12:03 PM
Due to a tragedy that happened with your family, You and your sibling, can be sister or brother, have been taken to a orphanage.
The orphanage was going to be a tough one, so you and your sibling had to adjust to it.

Start both characters as a children and have both grow up successfully into adults!
Requirements that you need to have before they age up:
1. Have A's in school
2. Have a total of 5 Best Friends (Either by talking to kids at school, orphanage, or people passing by)
3. Raise 2 Skills up to level 4-5
1. Have A's in school
2. Have a total of 18 Friends, and 1 BFF
3. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend for at least 1 of the siblings :lovestruc
5. Raise 2 Skills to level 8-10 (Can use the skills you raised from child stage :D OR ignore this step if you'd like!)
1. No Cheating, Besides a Money cheat to build the orphanage
2. You are Not allowed to play as any other characters besides you and your sibling!
3. When you are a child, you are not allowed to leave the orphanage, besides school. When you are a teen, you may leave the orphanage at any time, but be back by 6:00
4. Keep life span on Long or Normal, But you may change individual sliders longer if you want a challenge!
+30 For Completing A Step
+50 For Each A You Or Your Sibling Earn! (+200 Points Total For Both At The End)
+200 For Every Successful Age Up! (The Goal Explains what makes it successful)
+150 If You Extend The Lifespan Further! :D
+20,000 For Completing the WHOLE Challenge :D :) :anime: :D :) :anime:
-200 For Every Fail Age up (If you Do NOT complete the requirements) :cry:
-50 For Every Time You Go Against The Rules! (Like Cheating, Leaving the orphanage as a child, etc...)
-20,000 If You or Your Sibling Fail ALL Lifestages, or DIE! :(

Thank You If you Played and Please Post Feedback in comments, as well as pictures of you guys playing it! Good Luck!