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22nd Feb 2016, 7:42 PM
Sims 3: RWBIAD Challenge
( Rome Wasn't Built In A Day )

Since I haven't been able to find a challenge like this anywhere I've decided to post my own.. Hopefully I don't confuse you on the way since I'm faily poor at wording. But if you need any help just reply to me in the forums! Also submit some screenshots if you decide to try it out! Please :)

Brief Description: This challenge is pretty much a "Make Your Own City" challenge that focuses around your sim building up the town, moving in residents, and being the best mayor you can possibly be for your town.

Getting Started:
1. The first thing you're going to do is obviously create your founder and move them into a 50x50 lot anywhere on the emptied island ( I use Builder's Island and Rook's Island ).
2. You're going to pretty much give them a "job" by having them paint, make books, sculpt, fish, garden, whatever.
1. You're only allowed to make ONE sim in your original family with the founder in it and yes, that includes animals.
2. You're not allowed to edit the actual town in "Edit Town" mode unless it's to create land plots and add landscaping items. Every single house and community lot will be made and funded by your family using the "Build and Buy on this lot" cheat via @testingcheatsenables true. This way every time you build something, it comes out of YOUR pocket and not the vanilla game's.
3. You're not allowed to use any other cheat besides the one listed above and resetsim to un "stuck" your sim in those crazy jams.
4. If you don't have the "Custom Rabbit Holes" mod so you can make your town you can instead use edit town to place those buildings. Just remember every bundling you place will be 20,000$ so make sure to deduct that from your household's funds.
5. You may start adding custom made sims to your community after making a grocery store, military, city hall, and houses for them to live in ( There's more but that will be explained later ).
6. After placing/building the community lots you want your sims to work at you may allow them to quit their fake job and become whatever they want.
7. You're allowed to use inheritance and the genie for money. However for realism I suggest using the inheritance 5 days before your founder is dead. ( assuming that you've already married someone and had children. )

Moving People In:
This is a big part of the challenge because you can't have a prospering community but no people to live there! Then it would just be a boring ghost town.
Now a mechanic I want you to use when trying to add someone to your town is have your sim gain charisma points. The higher your skill in charisma means the higher chance a rich sim will move into your neighborhood ( pretty much a sim you've made and just went motherlode happy with. ) With each rich sim that moves into your community you get 20,000$.

Charisma Stats:
1-4: Poor ( You get 200$ per sim )

5-7: Middle Class ( You get 5,000$ per sim )

8-10: Rich ( You get 20-25,000 )

- War: Yes, your country / city / town ( whatever you make it ) can go to war with another town/ city/ you get it XD.
To do this all you have to do is roll a dice for your town and roll a dice for their town. Whichever town wins ( has a higher number ) gets the difference of the two numbers ( in ten thousands ).


My Town: Rolled a 5

Opposing Town: Rolled a 2

5-2 = 3 ( obviously )

Since I got the higher number I will have 30,000k added to my town. ( Hope that's not too confusing )

My town would then win and receive 30,000$