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14th Feb 2016, 11:50 AM

I'm new to this whole thing so sorry if i ramble or this challenge already exists, so lets get started.The aim of this challenge is to make it through 100 switched babies.

-You cannot have any children talk to their real parents until they are adults not YA
-all children must be switched between the 2 families when they are infants
-no children can see the child they were switched with but can be friends with the other children
-the husbands/wifes cannot see the children being switched

Both families are very good friends and neither of them are happy with any of there children but love the other family's children. The moms/dads decide so switch every child they birth. They decide to live near each other so the process will be easy for both of them. That's where the challenge starts.

So you can get 2 couples and have them buy 2 houses after they buy the first one find a house nearby that you can purchase along with the first one (you can use money cheats for this). Then the family who didn't birth the child will take the child example Real mom: April, Fake mom: May, Child: Marissa May takes April's child, Marissa with her permission.

This challenge may not work, I have not tested it yet so I don't know if it would work yet. Comment your feedback and i will see if it works or not so yea, I hope this is a good challenge and no there is no CAS requirements.


17th Feb 2016, 6:22 PM
I am gonna try this, but with TS2 (currently, I do not have TS3 installed)