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*Supernatural EP is Required*

The Story

"Demeter. Aveda. Step forward."

The mother goddess raised an eyebrow as the two Shosei witches entered the grand hallway. The young women were still studying, not quite experienced enough to be considered Donnas, but the current situation was dire.

"It has come to my attention that there has been a mass murder of our Maestros, Dons and Donnas by several hunter clans. The Knights have been informed and are spreading out through the land, but I have come to realize that this may not be enough. The rest of us must all retreat, and many witch families have been sending their younglings into our care. This is where you come in."

The two young witches glanced at each other, grimacing as they realized what the mother goddess was asking of them.

"I am entrusting four younglings to you. While you finish your studies you must teach them all you know. Two of them shall be trained to be Knights, the others to be Maestros. You will be honorary Donnas, but don't you dare let that go to your heads. You were chosen because you show great potential. Take the younglings, and leave Moonlight Falls for good. You mustn't let the nonmages know your true nature, or we are all doomed."

The mother goddess waved a hand, and the dark blue uniforms that marked the women as Shosei lightened to the sky blue of the Donna uniforms.

"Go, and bring forth the new generation of Maestros!"


Important Terms To Know:

Mother Goddess: The most powerful witch in existence. She mothered the Elemental Founders. She is immortal. You can make a Mother Goddess sim and move her into the town, but she CANNOT be in your household. She can only be interacted with.

Nonmage: Human Sims.

Youngling: A child who will become a witch. They cannot use magic yet, so their focus must either be cooking (with the toy oven) or logic (with the chess table). Generations allows you to read logic books to children to put them to sleep, which allows them to learn logic while sleeping). The children must maintain B or higher in school.

Shosei: Lowest level witch. Starts at teen, ends when they've mastered the Alchemy skill and reached level five of spellcasting (indicated by a change in color of magic when performing spells)

Don/Donna: Graduate witch students. These witches are considered advanced enough in magic to become the teachers of the new generation. They have mastered alchemy and are at level five spellcasting. Your Sims must be young adults to be Dons or Donnas. If they do not reach the requirements before they age into adults, they cannot advance, will be branded Ronin, and kicked out of the witch community.

Maestro: Witches who have completely mastered spellcasting and alchemy. They must know all alchemy elixirs, risen five Sims from the grave and cured them of Zombification, and cured five sims of magical afflictions (do NOT use Potent Cure Elixir on supernaturals or you'll turn them into normal Sims). Maestros must have the "Magic Hands" lifetime reward or they will only be considered a highly skilled Don or Donna. Becoming a Maestro is a choice.

Elder/Eldress: Only Maestros may be considered this. They are old witches that have retired from teaching and have now joined the Witches' Council.

Knight: A Don/Donna level witch with level 10 Athletic skill. Protectors of the witch community

Ronin: Witches who failed to meet the requirements to become a Don or Donna before they aged to Adult. They are forcibly stripped of their powers (via Potent Cure Elixir) and banned from the witch community

CAS Requirements:

-You must have SIX Sims. Two Young Adults (can be two females, two males, one male or one female) and four children (four girls, four boys, two girls or two boys).

-The YAs must wear sky blue and white. They are living in Sunset Valley in disguise of nonmages, so sadly no awesome witchy looking clothes. The children must wear all navy. If you like, you can download CC of school uniforms for them and recolor them.

-Obviously, since this is a school f/or witches, they must all be made witches. DON'T FORGET!

-The YAs must have "Dislikes Children", "Genius", and "Proper" traits. Children must have "Genius" and "Friendly" traits.

-The YAs Lifetime Wishes must either be "Mystic Healer" or "Zombie Master". They don't both have to have the same Lifetime Wish, however.

Lot Requirements

You may use money cheats to pimp your school out to your heart's desire, but once you press "Live Mode" for good, your funds must be reduced to 5000 Simoleons. This can be done with testingcheatsenabled and familyfunds. ('testingcheatsenabled true + familyfunds (Household Name) (amount of money))

Your lot must have:

-3-5 Bedrooms, one for the Dons/Donnas, four for the younglings. If your household is mixed gender, the rooms must be gender separated like a real dorm. This way, you only have to build three (one for the Dons/Donnas, two for the younglings). The doors must be locked to the room's owner(s).

-2 Bathrooms

-One kitchen

-One living/dining room

-A study (this is where all magic related activities take place, so there needs to be 2 alchemy tables in here) Must have lock set to "Me and my household".

-A garden/greenhouse (you must grow fruits and vegetables here as well as alchemy ingredients)

-Beekeeping boxes

-The interior decor must look bright and friendly.

-2 treadmills for the children that will be trained as knights to use when they become teens/one radio for the same purposes


-Aging must be set to normal

-Low free will

-They must live close to the town

-NO BROOMS! Your Sims must ride bikes or drive cars. If you see your Sim get on their broom, make them use their bike/car.

-Your Sims need to integrate themselves into nonmage society. The children must make friends at school and the YAs must regularly go into town and meet people.

-Witches are the only Supernaturals allowed to populate the town.

-You must pay for your gems to be cut as to not draw suspicion to your house (and the gem cutting machine is annoying and loud)

-Your Sims cannot use any magic related social interactions (brag about broom riding, enthuse about magic, etc)

-The Young Adults may not have relationships until the students have graduated.

-When the younglings become teens, at least two must have a part-time job to bring in funds.

-The young adults must sell honey and produce to make money.

-Your town must not have Aleisters Elixirs.

-Your household may not move to Moolight Falls.

-When the children come home from school, they must complete their homework before they can do anything magic related.

-Children are not allowed to go to their friendsí houses after school, they must maintain the relationship through phone calls.

-Throwing parties is forbidden unless all of the guests are witches.

Class Schedule:

Monday-Friday: children/teens go to school. If teens have a part time job, they must go to work as soon as they get home. Homework must be completed before bed unless the job gets in the way of that.

Saturday: Magical studies for teens. Skill building for children.

Sunday: Go into town and meet other sims.

Points System:
+5 for every skill learned
+5 for every gem or metal found
+10 for every witch friend made
+50 for every teen that becomes a don/donna
+100 points for every don/donna that becomes a maestro
+50 for every teen that becomes a knight
+100 points for every knight that has maestro-level magic
-10 points every time one of the students/teachers gets on a broomstick
-10 points for every friend lost (as they will expose you)
-20 points if the Repo man visits

You Lose If:

-The social worker comes

-Your sims fail in school

-Any of your students or teachers become Ronin

I tested this challenge out last year with two teachers and two students and about a month ago I did it again with two teachers and four students. It is very possible for everyone to reach Don/Donna status on a normal lifespan setting, but it is more difficult the more Sims you have. Enjoy!

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