View Full Version : A Working copy of Alias season 2 on DvD?

11th Nov 2015, 1:28 PM
This may sound odd and since I can't find another case of it on Google I am sure it is odd. I used to watch Alias off and on back in the day when it was the only good thing on that night and I enjoyed it. Well I started working my way through the series on DvD watching every episode in order and while I know it is not to everyone's taste I am enjoying it quite a bit. To me it feels like a rebirth of the more over the top episodes of The Avengers and The Saint crossed with the Roger Moore Bond films and I like that, there is just one problem. I can't find a single copy of the season two DvD that will play on any of my DvD players. I know this sounds strange but for the past two years I have bought the season three times and gotten it five different copies out of the library and none of them will even be read as a DvD.

I have tried them on every DvD and blu ray player I have at home, I have tried them on players at a friend's house, I have tried them on the four different drives with six different media players on three different computers. I even went so far as to spend two days tracking down a really old version of a media player I had never heard of that's logo was on the back of the case and downloading it and even that will not read these discs that have no marks of any kind on them as DvDs. it doesn't just say the disc can not be read, the players all insist that there are no discs in the drive and I have tried getting my money back but no such luck since I spent so mush time trying to get the discs to work. They will not even be read as discs by the disc ripping programs I have that are so good I use them to make back up copies of Bluray discs from other regions. I tried downloading torrents of the episodes but none of them have any seeders and every torrent I try stays stuck at 0.00%. After paying for this season three times I feel like I have a right to see it and not just skip ahead to season three, even if it is the worst season of any tv show ever.

I know this may sound like a strange request given that the show is so old and I know it is not that popular but after two years I really want to see season two and while UTorrent will let me download things at my below dialup speed(Even if it does take months) sites like Amazon video will not so I can't buy it there(Believe me I have tried), these discs will not even work on ,y DvD players that were made the same years as the discs or my old PS2 or Xbox.

If anyone out there knows how I can get a working copy of Alias season 2 on DvD, please help. I have been trying to watch this show in order for so long and it has gotten to the point where it is personal and I just can't bring myself to give up and move on. If you know where a working DvD can be found or a torrent that works I would be grateful, thanks a bunch for reading this post.

11th Nov 2015, 6:02 PM
You get one week free at Hulu. I'm sure you could get through all 22 episodes before you actually had to pay:


11th Nov 2015, 9:39 PM
Thanks. I'll give that a shot next time I am at the library.