View Full Version : Difficulty creating recolor on created object

20th Oct 2015, 1:57 AM
I've just started creating objects, and for my first one I essentially wanted a round statue. The front should have a design on it. I cloned it from the immobile chimes, and I created the mesh and finished the object that way. It shows up in the game properly and works fine in the original color of the chimes. Now I want to give it a design. I created a UV map, and placed my design on the front where it belongs, and then colored in the rest of the image black to keep things simple. Now my texture is a different size than the original one, and so it doesn't allow me to import it. I tried the 'build DXT' in SimPE, but that causes it to not work at all. I've even tried cutting the image to fit the size with no success.
I have done some experimenting and found that the entire object turns whatever color is in the pixel in the upper left corner. I don't know how to fix this. :(

29th Apr 2016, 4:04 AM
I'm trying to remember what all is in the chimes off the top of my head since I think I only cloned it once or twice to make a new object.
For starters, the chimes has two subsets. Are you making your new texture on the template for the group that template is connected to? ie, if you imported your obj as the "wood" use the template for the wood part, if you imported your obj as "metal" use that template.
What size is the new template you made for your new mesh? If it is not a size the game uses, it won't import and sometimes simpe will tell you it's all wrong. You need to make sure it's anywhere from 16x16 pixels up -- 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024 for square templates, 16x32, 128x256, 256x512, 512x1024 for rectangular, for examples.
If your template is a bigger size in the 16pix gambit they got going, in the little box that pops up when you right-click build DXT, change the number at the top to add more sizes. If you have a 512x512 template, you usually need 10. Or you can go to the "add" button on the bottom of the description area and add more template sizes and then right-click on the largest one in the list after you add more. It will be transparent when you do it that way until you import your template.
Hope some of this helps.

30th Apr 2016, 7:18 AM
Sounds like you need to remap your object to fit the texture image, hun. Deatherella is correct about the size of the images SimPE accepts; but the chimes only have 1 subset, if I remember rightly the texture image is 512x128 which is not a "normal" texture size.