View Full Version : HOW NOT replace the mesh of an object (details in description)

3rd Feb 2015, 6:49 AM
Hello! So I finally managed to convert an object but did not like what happened .. it worked, texture and mesh without bugs. But one thing bothers me though not necessarily something desperate, because I did not use the same base game objects. But anyway, my problem: I converted a free tutorial object, do not know if I did something wrong or skipped a necessary step for it but when I care for the game and I will see, it replaces the object of the game that I used a base for conversion. And that bothers me because as I am converting the things I want and not have any more base object to convert over, I believe that if I do the same in only one of the two will appear in the catalog ... then my doubts is, as I do for my converted object does not replace the "base object of the game" I used? I hope you understand. Sorry for my English :rolleyes: , complain to the google translation is after all there! HAHAHAHAAH Thank loves ♥ :P

21st Feb 2015, 12:23 PM
If both objects show up but your mesh replaces the EA one, it sounds like you forgot to Fix Integrity.