View Full Version : BHAV coding isn't working?

30th Jan 2015, 12:23 PM
Iíve made a custom object larger. Naturally, the object now uses more space. I found this (http://www.eternal-echo.net/sims/tutorials/footprint/) guide where I learned how to increase the number of tiles/squares which the object uses. It all turned out great, except for the fact that sims still can walk through it.
At the end of the guide it is mentioned that a code snippet has to be introduced to the objectís BHAVs. Its purpose is to block the simsí path whenever they try to cross the object. For some reason this didnít work. This is how the objectís BHAVs settings currently look:





The custom object is listed in the Columns category.

30th Jan 2015, 2:44 PM
You haven't linked the added line. In line 2 you need to put a 3 in the True Target box.

6th Feb 2015, 12:06 PM
Thanks for pointing that out. However, after I had linked the code, sims continued to walk through the object. I even tried to change the order in which the BHAVs are linked to each other, though I assumed that wouldnít matter. Instead, I successfully edited the footprint of the object, since I wanted some of its tiles to be passable or at least only partly blocked anyway.
Out of curiosity, Iíd still like know why the code didnít work. Below Iíve added a picture of how the BHAVs are currently set up.


When I checked for this code in other objects, I noticed that the hex-values in the lower row did vary in some cases. Might that have anything to do with why the code didnít work? The code which hinders the object from crossing walls does work though.

I've understood that some BHAV-codes are used to determine how an object can be placed on a lot (e.g. if it shouldnít be able to cross walls, be able to be placed underwater, on terrain only and the like). Is there a ďBHAV-codeĒ that allows the object to be put on a level, where there arenít any floor-tiles?

There's something that I wanted to know about the footprint mask as well. The footprintís Y-axis didnít match with the one of the Multi-Tile sub index. They were in fact reversed.


Is this meant to be like this?

Finally, Iíve a question regarding the objectís interactions. Sims can only interact with the object after it has been bought, in which case they simply go and check it out. What I find weird is that they seem to target a specific part (tile) of the object to do that. Can this be fixed?

I am sorry if some of the terms which I've been using are somewhat off, btw. I'm just very new.