View Full Version : Shifting Alien nude details in a meshed garment, more Alien questions

3rd Apr 2014, 1:00 AM
So, I was playing around with making a different kind of alien, similar to the "greys" that are popular among paranormal theorists (I'm not one, btw.)

I used a toddler size, and recolored a Maxis onesie mesh for his jumpsuit. I was trying to make a cutout in it to show the chest tattoo (just using a black square in the alpha picture, not modifying the mesh.)

As you can see from the picture (I added red arrows pointing to each nipple), his nipple jumped from mid-chest in the nude version to even with his armpits in the clothed version. The bit at the bottom of the second pic is part of the zipper. Of course, the tattoo would be covered anyway, I still need to tweak the location of the cutout window and/or tattoo (I think the nipple is off-center, as well.) Actually, I'm thinking of replacing the nipple with a bio-mechanical port or something, which would also be visible in a circular hole in the suit. I'd like to figure out how to have actual windows in the suit at the mesh level, so that there is 3D detail to the hole.

I'm a complete newbie to Sims 2, I've made some recolors, and I've played with SimPE a bit. I still haven't figured out what to get for meshes, and I don't even know if my very old computer (or my skill level) is capable of messing with those. I'd appreciate any and all help from "RTFM" (pointing me to guides that already explain this,) hand-holding, or even if someone reworked the suit without my involvement. I am NOT an artist!

Somehow, the alien ended up male, while the suit is for females (of course, I can easily change one or the other.) When I switch the alien to female, she gets toddler hair and a dress. Is there a way to lock the hair and outfit so that both genders appear the same?

On the skin, I only bothered recoloring the toddler skin, face, and hair. First, the grey aliens are supposed to be very small, and second, the face looks REALLY strange when I age it up. To save space, is there a way to remove the other files? I tried just deleting them, but Bodyshop gave me an error.

This will be an adult in the game, and I'll use an age hack to change it (not for perverted purposes.) Is there a way around the floating feet? Of course, that could be explained by an anti-gravity belt or something. Conversely, if I went with the belt idea, would there be a way to just make him float from place to place without moving his feet and walking? I know that CJH from BackAlleySims modded the fairies in his unofficial T&A (or Angels and Nurses) expansion, they are child-sized adults, but I believe they properly walk on the ground instead of floating. Is there a way to package the alien with the age hack already applied? If I packaged him from bodyshop, he'd still be a toddler.

Is there a way to make the suit shiny/reflective/metallic? I can't remember the name of the skin, but I saw something that had extra .bmp files for reflective detail (on a pair of heels or something, I believe.)

Is there any way to apply custom animations/voices to this character only? Maybe an accessory (like the anti-grav belt) might trigger something.

Does anyone know of any anal probe animations, similar to Krypto's attack in Destroy All Humans? Note, I'm not necessarily looking for explicit sexual animations, maybe just something where a handheld weapon is fired, and the clothed victim shows shock/disgust/etc. (maybe after being forced into a bent over/sitting/squatting position.)

What about memories/wants?
- I want to probe a human
- I probed my first human
- I probed 5 humans, etc.
- I was probed by an alien

I used the alien eyes from MTS_Bink13y_86285_Transparent-Sim.rar, and InvisibleClothingForAll.zip for the nude skin.
ATTENTION: Contains a nude alien toddler mesh (not explicit.) I think the Maxis onesie was a Christmas one, if it matters. I included the complete onesie, and the temp version with the cutout hole. I hope the file uploaded, the first time I got an error because McDonald's "Wayport Access" hijacked the connection until I accepted the terms of service (again!) Still, free wifi is free.