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5th Sep 2013, 3:52 AM
I am cloning the Colonial Tract Door for a new mesh and have no issues with the straight version, however I'm about bald with trying to get the diagonal version to work. I have tried several times with varying results. I've had the diagonal door version work as far as the door opening and closing however the sim walks through the wall. Now I can't even get the door to open/close and the sim still walks through the wall. I've tried resizing the mesh several times thinking that the sizing/placement was off and still no luck. I found a thread here in regards to pivot and the Cres, in one of the various attempts I tried that as well and gave up after the gazillionth attempt. I don't have a current package as I've deleted them all in a fit of frustration, however if one is needed to see what my issue is I'm sure I can easily create it with the same results. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I really don't wish to wear wigs and I'm stumped as to where to look for my problem...Thank you.

5th Sep 2013, 4:39 AM
Well, a package to look at would help.. since this is the repair center. :)

Some meshes just refuse to work. I know there are game windows that have broken diagonals when cloned. Have you tried looking at HL's single door and sidelights? If I'm remembering correctly, you were going to go with separate meshes for the door and sidelights. Maybe you can try comparing the CRES with yours and see if any of the values are different. Sorry about not answering your last PM about this- I meant to then got distracted. Plus I'm kind of stumped- since, as I said, some meshes just refuse to work no matter how much you sweet talk them, lol. And since you never sent me a package to look at.. now is a good time to redo one and attach it here.

5th Sep 2013, 5:21 AM
My apologies. Here are the doors, both straight and diagonal versions.

The sidelite version (HL's) won't work as it is separated on the diagonal to look like two windows, one door across 3 tiles without butting up to one another. I've also looked at other doors that were cloned from the Colonial Door to see if there was something different in my Cres in comparison, didn't see anything in almost every package I checked.

5th Sep 2013, 7:22 AM
The colonial tract door diagonal is broken in a base game configuration and does exactly as you say - the door opens but the sim walks through the wall.

Look at the diagonal of my centred doors - the text strings of the diagonal hold the answer.

5th Sep 2013, 7:37 AM
So all she has to do is edit the text strings to match yours and it will work? If so- awesome! If not- throw cheese at me and correct me so I can add your knowledge to my ever-growing "This is what so-and-so said to do" list.. the list that I really need to write some day and get it out of my head!

5th Sep 2013, 8:14 AM
Yes, that is basically it. There is a typo in the text strings of the diagonal door. The original Maxis diagonal door does the same thing (sims walk through the wall) in a base game configuration.

Edit: the text strings I refer to contains the word route. Sorry to be so vague but it was a while ago that I made those doors. I am positive it is the way to fix it though.

5th Sep 2013, 1:10 PM
LOL, thank you! I'll try that in just a bit, just woke up and need a clear head to tackle text strings, will let you know if I'm successful. I thought that the diagonal might be broken as I remember reading that somewhere a long time ago (before I ever tried my hand at creating anything) but I did test the maxis version in game and it opened/closed fine with the sim walking through the doorway and not the wall so I thought perhaps I was thinking of something else.

5th Sep 2013, 1:15 PM
Yes, the door was fixed in a later EP - with any EP it works, but if you decide to clone in SIMPE as JUST base game - then the original file is accessed rather than the updated file - and pow, bust diagonal.

5th Sep 2013, 5:28 PM
Thank you to you both, the door is now working.