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8th Jun 2013, 11:54 AM
I've made dozens of seasonal trees, bushes and plants, but they all have just one recolorable subset. I've never seen one with two recolorable subsets. I'm trying to create a flowerbox with recolorable seasonal flowers and a recolorable container. I've been successful in making the flowerbox with seasonal recolorable flowers, but when I recolor the box, the recolor only shows for the summer season. All the other seasons revert to the default texture.

The object I used to clone is my own seasonal template for small plants that don't drop their leaves in the Fall and it has only one subset...the foliage (plus a shadow). I've added the second subset and made it recolorable. Does anyone know if it's possible to have two recolorable subsets with seasonal plants?


14th Jun 2013, 5:06 AM
HI. The TS2 to TS3 conversion tutorial covers making extra colors for plants. Step 12.


You can apply the information to your projects.

15th Jun 2013, 4:48 AM
A counter has two subsets that both have a clean and dirty state so I don't see why this couldn't apply to seasonal plants.

If this works anything like counters or lights (where materials change depending on an action) you will probably want to look first in the Text Lists (STR) under Model - Materials and see if there are any strings. If there are then you will have to add strings for the box and edit the BHAV's too.

18th Jun 2013, 5:23 PM

This is a TS2 object so I don't think a TS3 Tutorial would be of much help.


There is no Model - Materials under Text Lists (STR) for seasonal plants. I've kind of taken a different route that seems to work fine. I created the flowerbox and the seasonal flowers for the flowerbox as separate objects. Both are recolorable and I can use the same flowerbox for additional meshes for other flowers. It seems better because each new file for different flowers won't require both the box and the flowers meshes as part of the package file. The end result is smaller files and it works great in the game. Thanks for your suggestion, though.

20th Jun 2013, 7:03 AM
Good to see you found a workaround that sounds better than what you wanted to do in the first place.