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16th Jan 2013, 1:32 AM
Hello all.... :D

Looking for 4 females 3 males to do voice overs for this upcoming series I will get a website up for you guys to view each Character.

This series if successful might turn into a short film about an hour long depending on the popularity.
Although bear in mind you MUST 13+ to enter and you must send a recording of your voice saying a basic sentence,
please be clear when you talk and make sure there is no background noise if possible.

In this little trailer/intro is just a little teaser of what the series is all about.
Don't have to worry I won't abandon my project and if you would like to be involved instead of being a voice over
there are many roles you could apply for.

Teenage Apprentice - Auditions

[The main setting is based on an equestrian center. Students between the ages of 18-24 are to work here until their apprenticeship is over; amongst all the chores and work a story is unraveled and this begin happening. Sapphire being the main character is a 'cyber goth chick' she is the new girl. I don't want to give away too much of the story as I would like to keep it under-wraps for now, so we can surprise the audience.





Amy is Jessica's best friend, she is a lively character with a free spirit. She couldn't give a damn who talk about her or what she looks like. Amy doesn't seem interested in any guys or even girls she just cares for friends but her love life will unfold eventually in later series....Amy has a high pitched voice a bit like a hyper active feeling to it, she is very loud most times and can also soften down but she never she ever sounds unhappy.

She has an American accent and she is proud to show it off.

Audition line - "Ooooooh.... that is wonderful, this is going to be the best day of my LIFE!:



Age: 18


She is very unusual, slutty yes very but also a teachers pet! Her mother owns the equestrian center. Tanya is flirty, a Schmoozer and of course a great kisser. She does have a bit of a temper if things don't go her way and can pull a fuss but not over the top. Is she bossy? YES! Currently she has a crush on Dylan.

Tanya is Spanish (has a Spanish accent); has a stern voice with a lot of fire in her words.

Audition line - "DYLAN! Take the others out for a FORMAL trail ride tomorrow at DAWN!"



Age: 21


Hottest boy on Campus! Dylan works out, loves or shall I say moderately likes his horse Forrester, besides the looks is pretty smart but he doesn't realizes it instead he plays dumb. Dylan is Clumsy, adventurous, has a major crush on Jessica likes to be childish. Scared of Henry the Shetland pony this is because of an embarrassing story which will be explained in the series.

Dylan is British and has a strong accent with it. He sounds very flat when he speaks and tends to be very loud when a disaster happens.

Audition line - "My sweet Jessica if only you knew....what an amazing woman, I wonder if you will come to the dance?"



Age: 18


Jessica, very modest and shy. She can and will always stick up for Amy in a time of need. Jessica tries to keep her head down and ignore things that happen around her in fact besides Amy, her horse Shadow is the only one she can really talk to.
(Although as casual as Jessica can get she is always nervous on her horse Shadow, seems odd for a chestnut to be called Shadow but that's Jessica.)

Jessica's accent is soft its a Southern American accent. Can be very high pitched when sad.

Audition line - "Okay Shadow we are only walking yes thats right walking no uurgggghhh.....SHADOW! No galloping! AAHHHHHH"



Age: 23


OH Steve you gotta love him! Full time match maker and jockey. He is absent minded sometimes and drifts off whilst working. Steve doesn't have standards if he can get in he will. Steve has a lot of commitment issues with some evil inside him when he flirts with the ladies. Tends to be annoying; is always there when you don't need him but never there when you do need him. He tries to smooth talk a lot and acts hyper.

Steve is Australian, but his accent int that strong. In fact its very mellow with a squeakiness that you tend to dislike about him.

Audition line - "I can see you lovely ladies being my meal later on if you know what I mean..huh? you get it? okay you get. That's goooooooood."



Age: 19


Roy is a kinda Jock wannabe he tries his luck with fitting in but it never works out. Roy and Steve tend to ignore Dylan because he is favored by the girls. Roy is easily impressed with a hell lot of things. You can always find him smooching Tanya's face off. He doesn't like to be outside and hates Christmas, but Halloween is his time to shine; egging the neighbors and scaring the elders oh yes Roy the big joker.

Roy is American and has a sort of northern accent. He tries to keep his tone low but when a moment pops up he is very boisterous.

Audition line - "YEARH! PUMP! PUMP the steel, ROY you can DO this OH YEARH. Ain't no gain without the PAIN!

Recording & Sending Information

I would like each recording to be MP3 if possible and send to via email [email protected] a link can be found here for the trailer/intro > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4hBkNqn1XI

there is no deadline; There is no first come first serve everyone will get a chance and once you have auditioned, you will receive an email up to 48hours later to confirm if your audition was successful.