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3rd Jan 2013, 9:22 AM
I'm mostly restarting my Sanctuary RPG and am looking for players who want to role play for the show. There will be no crossovers between Stargate and Sanctuary and you don't need to be a fan of both shows to join. I only mention these things because my Stargate and Sanctuary RPGs are on the same forum. If the character you want is taken consider being the temp player for the character if there isn't already a temp player because I can use some temp players.

The direct link to the RPG: http://planettv1.proboards.com/#category-4
The information for the RPG: Sanctuary Role Play Information (http://planettv1.proboards.com/thread/172/sanctuary-role-play)

Sanctuary RPG Notes:

Plot 2 for this RPG is finished and Plot 3 is about halfway done.
Ashley and Gregory Magnus, characters who have no main player and temp player, will be needed for Plot 4, their first RPG appearance, which is fast approaching.