View Full Version : How do you CEP enable maxis objects?

29th Nov 2012, 5:30 AM
It's prolly a rediculously easy question, but I've been trying on an off for years and I just can't figure it out. Lately I'm trying to make the IKEA zebra painting recolorable. According to IgnorantBliss's tutorial I need to edit the GMND and add a MMAT. I started the process by default replacement cloning the picture, editing the stuff, adding in a MMAT, and then putting it in the CEP extras folder like all of HL's awesome extras require. What am I missing, or do I just suck at making things recolorable in general (evidence to this is piling up). Usually my trouble seems to be the missing ##0x1C050000! in front, but this isn't a custom object, so this shouldn't have that...

I poked my nose into some of the other CEP extras and they don't have MMATs, and some do and some don't have a line in their GMND with the texture name, but they do all have the designmodeenabled one.

Here's what I'm working with, idk anymore :(

1st Dec 2012, 3:03 PM
I actually have that painting, along with two others already done. Just haven't uploaded, I've got all IKEA stuff recolorable now.


Get rid of the tsMaterialsMeshName in the GMND, it is not needed. That line is only required when you are linking to another mesh.

Some things need to be split in two in order to work, one for program files (MMAT) and one for downloads (GMND). Is a tricky thing, but sometimes it conflicts with the CEP. Generally all in one will work in the CEP-Extras folder as it's loaded after the CEP. You just get the *.

1st Dec 2012, 7:07 PM
So, for the rest of it I was doing it right? Cuz I've got a list of about 65 paintings I want to either make recolorable or separate the frames from the painting and I'm just not making any progress on it unless I can get that to work.

Did you fix the BILD pictures? They have 2 subsets but only the frame is stupidly recolorable.

I tried putting my package in the CEP extras folder and still no dice. That's why I figured something was wrong with the package itself. Would you mind posting your ikea zebra package so I can look them all over and figure out why mine isn't working and learn from it?