View Full Version : Lincoln anone?

23rd Nov 2012, 9:23 AM
So I wonder who else saw the new Lincoln movie and loved it? I saw it today after Thanksgiving, and I just have to say it was truly incredible. Very fine acting from all of them, even the very small parts had top calliber actors. Sally Field was so awesome in it. To some people, they might have found the dialouge hard to follow, but I got it. This movie was just truly epic. And I wasn't sure but was that Rob Schnieder as Mr. Bilbo? Kinda looked like him, though wouldn't really be the type of movie he would be in. On the way home, my sister in law was reading about Lincoln's kids and she said that that oldest son did in fact admit Mary Todd into the madhouse after Lincoln died, and that the youngest son died when he was 18 after Lincoln had been shot. That's one thing I didn't know and they didn't mention in the movie, though they did kind of brush upon her fear of being put in there again (Abraham put her in there the first time). It was kind of outrageous to see the congress meetings. Shouting, throwing papers everywhere. Seemed like everything was a lot more disorganized than it is today, not just in congress but in the battle scenes, everything. It was a great movie, all 5 stars in my opinion. Any other thoughts? Oh and feel free to correct me if I got the facts wrong about Lincoln's kids, I wasn't really paying attention to my sister in law's reading.