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15th Nov 2012, 4:43 PM
Besides Sims 3, I spend a ton of time watching Breaking Bad. However, I just finished EP 508, so now I have to wait until next summer to watch more. Any other Simmers have some great shows they would recommend?

15th Nov 2012, 7:59 PM
If you like serial TV shows:

Game of Thrones
Boardwalk Empire
Sons of Anarchy
Mad Men
Downton Abbey
The Wire
The Sopranos
Twin Peaks

I enjoyed Breaking Bad, but I would have to say Game of Thrones is probably the most exciting of the serial shows, especially if you haven't read the books and don't know what to expect. So much happens in every episode and no character seems immune to getting killed off. Season 5 of Breaking Bad actually seemed rather slow compared to Game of Thrones.

16th Nov 2012, 12:28 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I don't know, I guess season 5 was slower...but I was still hooked, lol. I have really grown to despise Walt, though.

Any comments on Walking Dead? Seems like everyone is watching that these days, but I'm kind of behind the 8-ball on my shows.

16th Nov 2012, 4:32 PM
I wasn't really sure if season 5 was slower, or if it was just the adjustment going from Game of Thrones in which so much is packed into every episode. Probably the latter.
Yeah, that's one thing I didn't like about season 5. They've got Walt turning into a rather power-hungry and despicable character. Very different from the first two seasons where you genuinely feel bad for the guy.

I've never seen Walking Dead, though it's rated pretty highly on IMDB. I've been avoiding the trendy stuff like zombies and vampires. However, I'm sure I'll run out of stuff to watch soon, so I may end up watching that anyway. Even a lot of stuff I'd recommended, I wasn't interested when I first read the overall plot and it wasn't till I started watching that I got hooked.