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17th Oct 2012, 7:00 PM
Could someone please check if it is possible to slave those cabinets? I meshed them as an add-on to a counter I downloaded from a link posted here in MTS, and the counter creator is named Zita. I was searching for such a look for a very austere house and ended up making several cabinets. As they all use the same texture, I tried to slave them and crashed my game. The reason must be that they are decorative objects cloned from the Venus Sculpture and consequently they are originally slaved to the statue because of the LOD90.
I need objects that have hood view because I always use them as template to create other objects. If it is not possible to slave, is no problem because they are working the way they are. It would save much space and would be a good template for other objects I have in mind that are not decorative.


22nd Oct 2012, 3:25 PM
When slaved objects crash it is generally due to an error when editing the GMND. Your objects are good candidates for slaving and it worked well, including the LOD90.

23rd Oct 2012, 11:30 AM
Thanks very much. This set should have 3 items and is already 10 objects in it. Exactly the problem I'm having, I don't have enough explanation on GMND. Looked online but got only all the same tuts I already have. I created also a sofa set as add-on to the sofa that came with one of the EPs (the one with a flannel over the back that I don't like). I ended up remaking the whole sofa to take out the flannel and added a 2 seats. None of the originals have the same texture and it was very difficult to eliminate the flannel, so I took the chair as start point. Everything looked perfectly in MS but crashed the game. Very funny, it worked well but when I tried to enter the lot, the game crashed. Remade again several times and finally succeeded. Not a candidate to slave because they are from different templates and don't have the same texture, but it would help a lot if someone wrote a deep tut on geometric node. Thanks again.