View Full Version : "Item Attractiveness" ?

18th Aug 2012, 9:35 PM
I am trying to do something, but I am not even sure what to call what I am trying to do, so I am having trouble finding out how difficult what I am trying to do is and where to start...

I downloaded a custom content object (would post a link but it's adult in nature) and as I read through the comments on said object, people were complaining that no one would use the custom object because it was not "attractive" enough or something. I understand the creator bumped up the "item attractiveness" (these are the words that they are using on the forum) but now, sims are CONSTANTLY using the object. I have to cancel their want to use this object several times a minute and sometimes I think my sims will starve to death because they won't stop using this object.

I tried searching for how to nerf an object and how to change an item's attractiveness but I can't find anything on it. Is what I want to do called something else and is it too tough for a beginner?

17th Oct 2012, 7:23 PM
There's no item attractiveness. It all depends on how the object was created. If it deals on a normal useable object having a normal pie menu, the attractiveness is in the autonomy and in the figures used to call the sim to the object. If those figures are equivalent to the ones from beds or food, sims will prefer to use them than go to sleep or eat. Dropping those values alone don't give a good result, the best is to include code lines in the object bhavs, limitating the use as for example, state that the object cannot be used if the sim has low motives. Most of the limitations are in the global "Exit Fun Object" or "Fun Object Use test". (I don't remember right now the exact name of the globals).
Some adult mods use objects without meshes, and in this case it is necessary to review the whole coding. Resuming: it is not something for a beginner. In fact it is very complicated and you need to find exactly where to change. I know the problem pretty well. Have dealt with this issue all over those years. :)