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22nd Jul 2012, 4:46 AM
Hello. I've never animate objects before. Probably because of it I can't make a sink animation properly. I've read this tutorial http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=433766 but it seems the sink animation is different. Anyway I gave it a try. I've assigned all joints from maxis sink to my new sink mesh. When I loaded my game this animation was really weird. And I understand what happened. The new sink mesh has no separate groups to be selected for joints. I assigned the last joint from the list to the whole mesh, so the sink is rotated in the right angle like the water tap. :D The water taps of my new sink are located at different places unlike in the original game. But I want to save their original positions and assign joints for every tap. The original maxis sink has no groups as well. So I don't know how creators assigned joints for the separate parts of the whole mesh.
My question is how should I create a correct animation for every water tap?
I'd appreciate any instructions and explanations. Thank you for reading

EDIT.: I assigned joints to the correct parts of my new mesh but I don't know how to solve the problem with original bones position. :help:

25th Jul 2012, 1:24 AM
Hope I am able to help.

Sinks can be a little tricky first time around, but once you understand what groups you need before assigning joints, then you will be good to go.

When meshing a sink. You need to ensure that your right & left taps are kept in separate groups from the rest of the mesh until you have assigned those joints.

In the joints - You assign [email protected] to everything except the right & left tap (and of course the shadows)
Once you have done that, assign your right tap to [email protected] and the left tap to [email protected]

Once you are satisfied you have correctly assigned all the joints, you can then go ahead and regroup your sink & taps and rename to the required naming for SimPE. Such as sinkloftpedestal_chrome_clean.