View Full Version : Disappeared/invisible/can't see it?

20th Apr 2012, 7:37 PM
I've got a sink and an island- you can put them together to get an island with a sink. Half functions as a proper island, the other as a sink.
I needed the sink to be 2 tile with the sink in the middle of those tiles- I finally (after much banging my head against the wall) got that right. There are no animation or routing problems. I feel like quite the genius now. :lol: BUT- part of my mesh either can't be seen or it's not in the right spot.

I've attached the package. The part of the mesh I can't see anywhere is the handles on the base cabinet. I did look for them once- went to ground level and zoomed in so I was in the base, looked up, looked to all sides.. They show up in the preview in SimPE, they're there in MilkShape. They're nowhere to be seen in the game. And yes, they're mapped and textured- they're on the chrome texture and were there before I made the sink 2 tile.

Can someone take a look please? I've attached just the sink. The island is fine.

P.S. Yes, the mesh looks odd (for one thing, it's slaved to Buggybooz's kitchen and the countertop needs remapped and it's for the sink and the island)- but once it's in game everything is in the right spot and works just like it should. Well, everything but those darned handles.

Edit: lol whut? @ the attached screenshots. That statue and sunflower aren't anything I put on the lot. Could those possible be the handles for the sink and island? I hadn't textured the island's handles yet but I did notice that they don't light up with the rest of the mesh (if you get what I mean) when I hover over either mesh with the design tool. It looks like this part might have to be meshed/textured onto the bases.

Edit again: Yep. The handles had to be meshed onto the base. So this can be considered solved..should I not delete it in case anyone else ever has the same issue? I learned a lot making this sink 2 tile. :)