View Full Version : Part of the mesh is floating

9th Apr 2012, 1:16 AM
I'm learning to work with meshes and encountered a problem today. The drawer of this dresser just hangs above it. I tried to fix it through moving the drawer in Milkshape, but in Milkshape it appears in normal position - inside the dresser not above. Later the same problem happened to the mirror I work on. The frame was Ok, but the mirror itself was floating above. What am I doing wrong? Please help me!

9th Apr 2012, 1:46 AM
I'm not 100% sure about the dresser- but it probably has to do with joints/the animations. Try this tutorial (http://www.thesimsresource.com/tutorials/view/category/sims2-objectmeshes/id/2661/Clone%20Objects%20Animated%20through%20Joints) - it's what I used to learn to do gates. (Since I've never tried meshing a dresser I might be wrong and the method might be different.)

Mirrors are tricky. You have the frame, the reflection and the bounding box. You have to export all 3. If the shape/height of your mirror is different, you'll have to adjust your mesh accordingly- including the reflection. But don't put the reflection in the same spot as the frame- adjust it from where it is in MilkShape. If any of it is off in game, just keep tweaking it until it's all in the right spot.

10th Apr 2012, 3:55 AM
Mustluvcatz, thank you very much for your response!!! You really helped me! The problem was that I put the drawer in the same spot as it should be positioned in the dresser, and it was wrong. I extracted the original drawer mesh and adjusted my drawer accordingly to it. Thank you again!

10th Apr 2012, 5:06 PM
Glad you got it working. :) (Also glad to know I mostly knew what I was talking about, lol.)