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7th Apr 2012, 12:04 AM
Hi there and Help,

I have had an inspired idea based upon the Freezer Clock by Treega, I would love to be able to pause and unpause sims from within a posebox, mostly to cut down on time and to save me having to much clutter while I am making pictures for stories.

I can get parts of it to work if I follow the BHAV from the freezer clock, but it will only make the active sim pause it won't unpause them. Also now for some reason as soon as the box is placed on the lot the sims don't move at all, so I can't test my poses.

What I am wondering is a) is this possible and b) how can I make it happen, is there a specific set of BHAV that deal with this kind of interaction. I discovered this one:

0x066F - Freeze Time - Freeze Me (Disable)

However I don't see how to stop this particular BHAV. I don't really need the game to check for pets, witches and such like but if I need to program this in then fair enough. I know this is a tall order and I am sorry if I step on toes by asking but I really just want to try something new.

Thanks for any answers.

7th Apr 2012, 4:12 AM
If you attach what you've done so far, someone could take a look at it and perhaps better help you. :)

9th Apr 2012, 12:05 AM
If you attach what you've done so far, someone could take a look at it and perhaps better help you. :)

Hi there Maybesomething,

Quick update on my progress; as individual parts the BHAV for stopping time are working as are all the poses from the box; what is happening now is combined the start/stop time aspect or special feature as its called in the game works fine, the poses have now stopped working, I have tried fixing it in the BHAV - Function Int & Function Main but its not making any difference, nothing is different in the box except for the addition of those extra files for stopping and starting time.

I have reached my limit trying to merge the two aspects together, is there any chance you could / someone can take a look at my dummy file and see what's happening - perhaps even let me know where I have gone wrong and either how it was fix (if) or how to fix (again if)

Thanks in advance.

EDIT - 10/04/12: I have managed to resolve the issue to a point, the poses are now working properly but remain stuck in the pose longer than the time specified in the animation file, however with the addition of a the snap BHAV - I can force the pose to end. It's not a resolution to my issue but a patch, if anyone has any suggestions based on the Dummy file, I am always eager to learn and improve.

19th Apr 2012, 12:54 AM
Sorry for the delayed response.

When I first placed your object, I got an error about trying to animate a non-animated object (if I recall correctly). I resolved this error by making the Main BHAV function's node 0 (idle) loop back to itself. The other nodes don't seem to be necessary, only the idle. I also noticed that your "Guardian-TEST" BHAV always returns True; was this intentional? Also, many of your animations have "Event tree: 0xFFFF: [unknown BHAV] (Private),". I don't know for certain if there is any harm in that, but just in case you might consider changing the "FF" operands to "00" so that the Event tree doesn't have anything.

The animations seemed to work for Don and I was able to freeze/unfreeze him.

I'm not certain I understand your update. Are you saying the animations you made are lasting too long? I don't see a snap BHAV. I don't know much about animations, so hopefully someone can take a look at this.

ETA: I just saw that you had marked this as "Solved." :faceslap:

19th Apr 2012, 12:15 PM
Hey :Maybesomething,

I owe you/other readers an apology and also a bit of clarification, I had thought in my head at that time I posed this thread for help up I was explaining what I wanted to do and also the problem I was encountering however re-reading this thread, I've realised just how tired I was and just how bad my dyslexia was playing up at the time. So for the sake of clarity I had better explain myself a little better this time :-)

My idea / thought was: Hey wouldn't it be great if there was a way to combine mods like the freezer clock by treega into a posebox, that way it would easier to prolong a sims pose and keep the clutter on a lot to a minimum.

My rational could be countered with there are boxes that have start and stop, and while this is true 1) I have tried more times that I would like to attempt to count to make a box like that and 2) it's not a style that works for me. I don't like having to have animations in one file and the coding in another, everything for a box of poses should be in the one place. About the box that's up for download... Well that is the first attempt box, everything in it at that time was chaos; I did not have a clue how to fix it, and it was so raw that I was worried posting it up might blow up a users game, but I thought well everything has to start somewhere and so I posted that one I had been working on and reached the end of my rope with.

The following day I decided to go back to the start again - I am not someone that likes to be thwarted. So I started by just creating the posebox itself. Making sure everything from the Bhav to the Text Lists matched up and the poses lasted for 8000 m/s (8 Seconds) and with that working I then proceeded to add in the freeze time bhav. The result caused the active sims to remain unmoving on the lot. On closer inspection of the the freeze time bhav I realised that I needed ones like servo, witch etc because they were being called so once I added those I could get the sims into poses but then they remained in those poses indefinitely - I also realised that I needed to change one of the parameters in the bhav that was calling to the others like witch and servo so that it effected a sim in place of the object - to be honest I have no idea if that worked or not - again sorry if that doesn't make too much sense.

I also remembered that some poseboxes have the snap reset feature, which I went and found how to create and added it into this new box to force the sims to come out of whatever pose they had been placed into. It wasn't what I had intended but it seemed to work. Where the function - int / Main function is concerned I must have been under the impression when I made the first attempt that I needed to have it set as it had been for objects, not realising that this wouldn't be the case for something like a posebox.

The Guardian-TEST might have been mis-set at the the time as I was really tired and frustrated, however the guide/tutorial I follow might have suggested to set it this way. I can't honestly remember at this moment and I don't have the guide to hand. The Unknown BHAV might be occurring in that box because either many of the poses hadn't been added / deleted or it is possible that I had mis-named them.

As for the update, I was meaning when I exported the animations from Milkshape they were set for 8000 ms (milliseconds) but when in the posebox the pose did not end after the 8 seconds, instead seemed to continue on indefinitely. I switched it to solved because when I put up the first reply and then its edit in my head at that time thought I had explained what I had done to sort out the problem and thought that there would be no more replies.

I am really sorry for all the confusion and hope that I have explained myself a little more clearly this time. I would say that while the snap reset is working, I have not found a cure for the problem and therefore have reverted to extending the time on the animations to between 8 & 10 seconds which is not ideal and not what I had intended. If it would help I can put up the test box that has the working edits and work-arounds that I put in.