View Full Version : Monthly theme of November, and pre-announcing theme for December!

The Gnome
28th Oct 2011, 4:44 PM

It is again the time to announce the new monthly theme!

This time we thought not only to give you one theme, the November one, but to also give you a head start on the December theme too :)

November theme - Ancient world!

Travel back in time and get inspired by the ancient civilizations. Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and all other great civilizations are waiting to be simmified!

How to take part?
Make a Ancient world-themed upload. It can be anything - a lot, a sim, clothes, furniture, whatever comes to your mind, as long as it has something to do with the theme.

The upload process goes the way it normally does. You include required pictures, files, information... The only new requirement is that you include some of the following tags to your upload search keywords:

"theme-Ancient world"
"Ancient world"

How long is the theme active?

The Ancient world theme starts today, November 1st 2011 - and ends December 31st 2011.

Have fun with the new theme!

Then announcing...

December theme - Multicultural!

We thought - that cause early December is always hectic time for people, have to plan holiday, buy Christmas gifts, prepare for Hanukkah, how ever you spend the holidays - it would be a good idea to make the theme public earlier.

The theme will be opened for uploading at the start of December, but you can use this extra time to plan your upload in peace - and make something extraordinary for the December theme!

We also had some really nice uploads on the Childhood theme, and the ongoing Fantasy theme. Here are few examples, check them out!

Image, Creator, Download link
http://thumbs2.modthesims.info/img/1/8/7/0/0/5/3/MTS_thumb_simgrl1934-1240246-ScreenShot071copy.jpg,simgrl1934,A Fairytale Cottage (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=457915)
http://thumbs2.modthesims.info/img/3/8/6/9/1/9/0/MTS_thumb_lhawk07-1235834-boybed.jpg,lhawk07,Race car Bed for Kids/Teens: Now Pets Patch Compatible (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=456410)
http://thumbs2.modthesims2.com/img/3/0/2/5/7/2/MTS_Yogi-Tea-1243700-title-gif.gif,Yogi-Tea,Halloween Special 2011: Jack's Private Winery (http://modthesims.info/download.php?p=3681033)
http://thumbs2.modthesims.info/img/4/5/1/3/6/8/6/MTS_thumb_CloudWalkerNZ-1240279-Screenshot-3.jpg,CloudWalkerNZ,Freddy Krueger (http://modthesims.info/download.php?p=3667147)

The Regal Sim
2nd Nov 2011, 12:49 AM
Does 18th century count as ancient world? I hope it does ^^

2nd Nov 2011, 2:16 AM
Can we just add the tags to an existing upload? Or does it have to be something new?

2nd Nov 2011, 4:05 AM
@ whoden - the idea of the themes is that if you are sitting around wanting to create something but are thinking "Hmm, I wonder what I can make" - then the theme might help to inspire. If you are editing the tags on an existing upload then you already were inspired, if you see what I mean :)

2nd Nov 2011, 7:30 PM
Whoa! I'm surprised to see my Halloween upload in this list. :blink:

To be honest, I DID think about adding it as an October theme upload, however, I didn't dare to do so because I thought a house with a little spooky secret wasn't truly "fantasy" - (unfortunately) evil things do happen in real life too, don't they? I'd rather had uploaded it as a fantasy-themed upload if this was a Witch's house or something like that.

Anyway, thanks to armiel who has added the fantasy-theme to the tag list of my upload. :lovestruc

As for the monthly themes I must say that I wouldn't mind it at all if the next theme was always announced a bit earlier. I'm a slow builder - for some of my houses I need weeks to build them - and real life keeps me buisy all the time, not only in December.

I love the new themes - both of them.

3rd Nov 2011, 5:13 PM
Does 18th century count as ancient world? I hope it does ^^

Sadly, no it does not count :cry: I too have been patiently waiting that theme

The December theme though is right up my alley , I could release like 3 or 4 uploads that would be fitting in that month...

3rd Nov 2011, 9:14 PM
salve a tutti sono italiano ...beautiful site...

6th Nov 2011, 7:59 PM
i am brainstorming my first upload to the site.

please feel free to bounce some ideas my way.

i can xml tune , i'm not such a good builder of lots yet.

i want to tune the boarding school. the game xml is very biased in my opinion. - as a idea for ancient times - perhaps the boarding school is a nunnery.

other users are wanting deer-proof veggie gardens. the NPC animal can be tuned off residential lots - but thats not my cup of tea.

lastly i want to tune the sunday newspaper to be more fun- with object usage option to do crossword - a gain to logic.

what sounds good?

8th Nov 2011, 4:35 PM
Only thing that i can imagine to make are some kind of temples or clothing and accessories.
If anyone have any idea of making some kind of ancient objects (furniture) let me know.
Is it allowed to make modern kind of furniture but inspired by ancient world?

10th Nov 2011, 3:57 AM
Only thing that i can imagine to make are some kind of temples or clothing and accessories.
If anyone have any idea of making some kind of ancient objects (furniture) let me know.
Is it allowed to make modern kind of furniture but inspired by ancient world?

hi after visiting your studio - i saw great objects, kitchen and homes.

when you apply kitchen to ancient world - i immediately think of roman empire.

the best suggestion to give - make a roman bath - a lot or object.
thats the era yourv work made me think of. good luck!

22nd Nov 2011, 10:23 PM
I just wanted to post this, maybe as help for people who are trying to figure out what they want to make. I randomly had an idea and looked up what ancient Egyptian children played with.

I myself am working on something else but here's an article in case any of you are interested in making authentic ancient Egyptian toys: http://www.kingtutshop.com/freeinfo/Ancient-Egyptian-Games.htm

Here as well, just an idea, someone could try to replicate that image of the boat from the Will Wright dollhouse object (Just trying to help spark some ideas for others) : http://www.thetoyzone.com/2008/play-like-an-egyptian/

Roman children: http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0210200/ancient_rome/children.htm

I looked up for Greek children as well, but it's basically all the same assortment except in Greece, at the age of 18 they would take their toys to the temple of Artemis and leave them to symbolize moving from childhood to adulthood. Hope I helped! :)