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14th Jul 2011, 6:35 PM
----Ever wonder why communist preserved in China?
----Please note that all the things describe here are definitely doable, which you can refer to professional psychologist to verify. And In order to prevent copycat, I deliberately omited some details.
Well, to see the whole picture, we need go back to 1950s, and 60s. By then, communist in China deem the way: “Motivate the crowd” and “Social class struggle” as their unshakable doctrines. Thus that, many “spies” that might “deeply hide among the people” had been “spotted”, and then fell into the ocean of people’s discrimination. Later the Chinese former secret service—CID(Central Investigation Department) discovered some interesting results—some of those alleged “spies”, after finally revealed their “true nature”(dramatic character changes), they all turned out very smooth(very high EQ). And the most “intriguing” part was that those people had developed some kind of self-punishment mechanism—whenever had they been implied that they had done something wrong, they would be “punished” during their next sleep. Sometimes it felt that they were shocked by electricity; or as if some heavy brute force tried to crush their skull, and dislocated all parts of their brains. If the punishment were severe, they might even pass out in their dreams. Besides those, the even more astonishing fact is that those people all turned out innocent.
At that time, ‘Kang Sheng’ had assumed the head of the CID. He decided that it must be a lot of fun, and went further to research the phenomena “half-secretly”, that is: “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. But back then people were more pure and honest, even in the intelligence world. Soon this evil study was reported to the higher authority—the Prime Minister ‘Zhou Enlai’. Zhou was very anger. During the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC(Communist Party of China) Central Committee on December 6 1966, Zhou specifically criticized CID, accused them “working on some mysterious stuff ”(exactly the same words).The Prime Minister also required that, according to the general disposal of Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the leadership of CID as well as leaders of any other Departments should receive investigation from bottom to the top. On March 1967, by the consent of Mao Zhedong, Zhou declared that CID should operate under the supervise of the PLA(People’s Liberation Army). Ironically, by then the commies never thought they would ever reopen such type of research, that they didn’t even bother to cover it up, so all those historic details are well documented and available to the public.
On July 1 1983, CID was removed and replaced by the Ministry of State Security. However such promising study with “remote control” potential would never be so easily removed from commies’ mind. Now that the intelligence officers were more practical and mature, the research carried on without much surprise. To avoid moral issue, they began to search nation wide, looking for juvenile subjects who had been accused of committing crimes but nonetheless couldn’t be proved at that moment. In the name of growth protection, they took over the cases and claimed that suspects will be clear their name through a “thorough long term investigation and evaluation” after they grow up. It almost sound very sweet and thoughtful, fully reflected the superiority of socialism. However in order to build up some sort of shapeable character, they would rather interfere the behavior, or even the setup of subjects’ family members. Further more, they would “unintentionally” stimulate the mob to report the subjects’ crimes by offer bountiful rewards. Those who made the foul play from the beginning were even more zealous, racked their brain to try to dump sh*t on subjects. In the end, after “growth period” was over, the sh*t was so deep, some subjects could only stay in the biggest pit like Grand Canyon, or there would be floods.
When the hassle time had finally come, the subjects would accidently step on an elevator, and fell straight into hell, to insure remote control take place in the end, they should receive full-time three-dimensional five-star service. First they would be surrounded by “indignant” crowd. And then would be aware that they are under 24/7 surveillance, everything they had said or done, even the most private thing, would be instantly shared by everyone as commonsense. Also there would be various drugs involved, to progressively strengthen the mood. Above all those, here met the ultimate challenge—the all-time-mind-detectors, which evolved from lie detector, were fitted in clothes (low precision) or embedded in beds (high precision)—whenever there were distinguishable thinking patterns, the researchers should willingly share them with subjects. With such bombardment, no subjects could stand too many rounds. Quickly they went schizophrenia, began to emerge some uncontrollable behavior, and then their nerve should break down completely soon enough. At that time they would like to go to police to “turn themselves in” as their desperate resort. Ah, they wish that simple, sorry no luck, the police would make a laugh, treat them as “persecutory delusion” or “guilty delusion” mentally ill patients, and then “turn them out”. But under the table, the researchers would use those events as apparent “hidden clues” to level up the pain-titude. When the subjects’ mental state was so deteriorated, some “warm-hearted” people would step up and try to save them, by secretly giving them electronic shock therapy in sleep state when the subjects “offended” someone. Such that should continue about a year so far, the subjects’ brains would possess shocking memories, and from then on they could “shock” themselves. Just kept up the good work, there would be qualified “product” waited at the end line. The whole enslaving process shouldn’t take longer than a decade.
Unlike western mythology, the Chinese version of hell consists of eighteen layers, the deeper the much gruesome. Usually when someone died, he can only be thrown onto one layer, but thanks to the modern technology, subjects can leisurely take their tour from layer one to layer eighteen without twisting too much of their soul; the rest of it shall split up and offer one piece to the devil as their tour guidance fee if they ever want to get out. In other words, the final product possesses a “dual-core” processor. One is for work: the “slave core”, an exhaustive full time running core. the other one is the “hatchet man core”, which is lurking all the time, as soon as the “slave core” try to do some thing funny, it shall jump out immediately and prevent that happen; or when “slave core” screws up, need to teach a lesson, it will strike without any mercy, as if that “vessel” has nothing to do with itself. Oh, about the twisted part, it entangles with the dual-core, cause very low moral. If any how the “string” was cut off, you should see some wicked backfire:)
In the end, the subjects would receive three types of endings. For those few lucky b*stards, who had really committed crimes, since they couldn’t process into qualified products, had less value and would be filtered out no more than three years, and then be distributed to some gray departments(kind of like “Nikita”). And for those who were really innocent, if got too much shit on them, they might not be able to earn their innocence because the agency tended to maintain high bondage. But you have to show some justice right? So only those who came from simple, honest, unspoiled places and their parents protected them well should they get chances to receive a clear name.
The studies showed very remarkable results. After successful enslaving process, the final products possessed loyalty, hard working, super competence and (most import) selflessness into one body. With such promising outcome, that sub-branch of the Ministry of State Security grew rapidly and gained full support from various Chinese top-notch science departments. Above all that, because the process looks perfectly like long-term investigations, not many people, even low-level agents in that organization did realize what they are really doing, they might still think that they are serving the justice, also the subjects act really like normal psycho patients, those can make the whole process very covert. But despite such success, due to the limited number of acquirable candidates, those research findings were not widely applied at beginning.
But as we all know, god is humorous. After state turmoil on 1989, the authority began to search the cure for the tumor of socialism: the pandemic corruption and low efficiency. It became more urgent when the great Soviet Union suddenly collapsed on 1991. Well, it all takes one kind of evil to fight another type of evil. to annihilate corruption, to improve efficiency, to prevent peaceful evolution, to stop capitalist takeover, such low method finally found its way to dignify itself and met its booming application. So now you know, the true social form of current China is half feudalism and half slaveism.
Ok, that’s the total background material, you can use it freely, but you shouldn’t change it too much. Here I can also give you a suggestion of how your story goes: such as, one subject showed anomaly, and managed to find a way to break the curse in the end of process, and then the agency desperately to cover it up, and so on.

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Okay, so what has this got to do with media?