View Full Version : Slaving two subsets to the same textures?

25th May 2011, 11:34 PM
I've got a master object that has two different recolorable subsets (glass and sculpture). I've been making several slaved meshes which draws textures from either one or both (all working like they should), but I'm at a loss on the last item I've been trying to do.

I'd like for this item to have two recolorable subsets drawing textures from the same master subset (the one named "sculpture"), to get more color options. I've tried pretty much everything, but the furthest I've gotten, is to have just one recolor showing for the 2nd subset (which is probably a combo of a recolorable subset with a different name and the SHPE resource).

I'm aware that the slaved items needs the same subset names as the master file, but that's not so simple when there are already two recolorable subsets in the master file, and I only need one of them. Is there anything I can do (either to the master file or the slave file) so that this can be possible?

I saw something about 4 recolorable subsets in the grand triannon set, something about a repositoried placeholder GMND resource or something for the rest of the objects, but I didn't quite understand any of it, as all I've got to work with is the actual file and not a tutorial. If there's a simpler method (quite possibly there is), then I'd love to know :)

Thanks for any help :)