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The Gnome
22nd Mar 2011, 8:29 PM
Medieval is now out in some places, and out soon in all the rest!

We have a new forum for discussion of Medieval: http://www.modthesims.info/forumdisplay.php?f=640 ... so if you've got your copy and want to share your thoughts or just arrrgghhh over how you don't have yours yet, there's the place to do it!

And just as a side note... Conversions from TS3 to Medieval or Medieval to TS3 will not be allowed on MTS - EA does not allow conversions from one game to another, so without written permission from EA to convert, modders will not be allowed to upload such items here. Please do not discuss or link to such conversions, as we like to stay on good terms with EA. Thanks!

Regarding custom content made for Medieval, we're still looking into what custom content will/may be possible, so we don't yet have anywhere to upload custom items from Medieval until we know what might be able to be done. Stay tuned!

And yes, that's right - EA have released a patch before even releasing the game in most places. Oh yes.

Click the button to see the patch notes for Medieval patch 1.1, courtesy of simprograms.com:
New Quest! Contents: Genie – A magical genie in a bottle has been found! Your Heroes could use its power to fulfill their wildest wishes or they could take it upon themselves to free the genie from its abnormally small living quarters. It’s up to you to decide!
New Quest! Crab Bandit – A mysterious crab monster lives under the town! How will you deal with the beast? The Monarch could coerce it into becoming a powerful new ally or your Blacksmith may have some other, more creative, ideas for it.
New Quest! Book Burning – Peasants are burning books and you need to stop them! Will you utilize your Bard or Monarch and teach the peasants to read or will your Wizard and Bard scare the peasants into thinking the books are alive through magic?
Gameplay: Golem no longer becomes invisible in certain situations.
The Spy will now earn XP for pick pocketing.
Gameplay: Added more edicts for conquered territories.
Tuning: Sims now always get a fun buff from WooHooing.
UI: Arrows now indicate how quickly Quest Performance is rising or falling.
Gameplay: Can “Watch” stage performances.
Gameplay: Selected speed preserved when switching modes.
Gameplay: Reception Hall alternate scene timing adjusted.
Gameplay: Bards can now make money performing plays.
FX: Zzz’s no longer continue when Sims WooHoo after napping.
Text: There is now a message of what items were successfully traded by ship.
Tuning: Reduced the number of servings for large food portions.
General: Added Lessons for performing plays and market stalls.
Gameplay: By Default, Sims will now sleep until they receive the Well-Rested buff.
Gameplay: You can now discard food that is not finished cooking and start cooking a new meal.
Gameplay: There is now a 2 hour grace period on the 11:00pm sermon.
Text: Making bets on the gaming table now show how much money is being bet.
UI: Traits of Pre-made Sims names can be changed and they now have visible traits when selecting a hero for a building.
Gameplay: The children of Hero Sims now return home at a reasonable hour.
Gameplay: Sims can no longer fall asleep when inside the Pit of Judgment.
Gameplay: Fatal Flaws no longer leave negative buffs when replaced with a Legendary Trait.
General: Added Lesson for “Patrol road to…”
Gameplay: Recruited actors now charge a fee.
Animation: Fixed various animations.
Gameplay: Religious Sims can pray at Prayer Boxes.
UI: Adjusted various hovertips.
Text: TNS announces amount of stolen simoles when mugged.
FX: Flames FX fixed.
UI: ‘Add to cart’ button disabled when no items are available.
UI: Item Stats display when mousing over Blacksmith recipes.
Tuning: Value of meals scales to remaining portions.
Gameplay: Fixed ‘exit game’ hangs.
FX: Fire appears during “Warm Hands”.
Gameplay: Can’t repeat queue quest socials.
General: Game doesn’t save cancelled changes.
Gameplay: Children spar more.
FX: Leech FX no longer disappear.
Tuning: Maximum profit values set sold items.
UI: Various Aspect Panel fixes.
Gameplay: Unkempt Sims not disgusted by spoiled food.
UI: “Add Ingredients” grays out when there is nothing to add.
Gameplay: “Elixir of Allure” gives appropriate buff.
Audio: Fixed various sound FX
Gameplay: Can’t call household to eat spoiled meal.
Gameplay: Autonomous blacksmithing less mistake prone.
UI: “Eye of the Watcher” button disabled in Kingdom Mode.
UI: Sound added during “View Edicts.”
Gameplay: Tired sims can perform necessary interactions.
UI: Can save display settings during tutorial.
Gameplay: Priest sub-menu doesn’t show on children.
UI: ‘Select a Hero’ UI can’t opened in Live Mode.
UI: UI refreshes when custom designs are removed.
Gameplay: Constable not deleted if unable to route arrest.
Gameplay: Food buffs properly overwrite.
Tuning: The Lovely Lute buff appears after Bard is level 5.
Gameplay: “Enjoying Music” buff only pushed when music box plays.
Gameplay: Player told sim is unmarryable before attempting marriage.
UI: Simoles correctly added during the Filled Coffers ambition.
Gameplay: “Recently Performed” TNS appears if Bard made Simoles on previous play.
UI: Made the “Missing Required Object” dialog easier to read.
Art: Fixed various Z-fighting issues.
Gameplay: Adjusted “Turn Sim Marker On” maptags.
Gameplay: Appropriate buffs removed when drinking “Drunk-Me-Not”.
Gameplay: Listening to an Echo gives appropriate buff.
Gameplay: Various assorted quest fixes/tuning
Gameplay: Only Physicians determine baby gender.
Gameplay: Jacobans negatively impacted when proclamations are torn down.
Gameplay: Peteran priests can WooHoo.
Gameplay: Growth Spell cooldown adjsuted.
UI: XP bar length adjusted.
UI: Various fixes to wall and floor patterns.
Gameplay: Threatening Bandits can’t be ignored.
Tuning: “Steal funds from messenger post” adjusted.
Tuning: Bandits sword sharpening reduced.
Gameplay: Unused trade goods remain in the ships’ hold.
Gameplay: Can’t delete Steve.
UI: Royal Treasury funds displayed on appropriate buildings.
Gameplay: Babies can’t be invited to location.
Gameplay: Sims only react to the Monarch if in their LOS.
Gameplay: Abner the Transient doesn’t speak about Transients.
UI: Adjusted Map tag color for Merchant responsibilities.
UI: Various icon fixes
Gameplay: XP is now properly rewarded for Tournament of Honor: Sabotage Advorton’s Champion approach.
Gameplay: Ship interactions no longer disappear after opening the cargo hold, but closing the inventory.
Gameplay: The “Eye of the Watcher” tutorial no longer times out.
Gameplay: Field Rations added to recipes.
Routing: Many inefficient routing paths are now fixed.
Gameplay: Quest recipe ingredients in Village Shoppe.
UI: “Ask to Buy” no longer shows up on children.
Gameplay: More time to win the drinking contest in Tournament of Honor
Gameplay: Sims can no longer get out of being arrested by cooking food.
Gameplay: It is now easier to tell who won a Kingball game.
General: Added toggle option to turn off telemetry.
UI: Bribery amounts are now displayed.
Gameplay: Bloodthirsty Sims no longer get the “Lost a Fight” or “Punched in the Face” buffs after performing a non-fighting negative interaction with another Sim.
Gameplay: Can no longer sell Fountain of Legend quest book.
Tuning: Absolving and Converting Sims now give greater XP.
UI: A TNS is now appropriately shown when inviting a Sim over.
Art: Fixed several instances where TNS messages were showing incorrect thumbnails.
Gameplay: Sims that have been killed as part of a quest no longer come back to life.
Tuning: Fewer angelstalon fragments are needed for making angelsguard.
Tuning: Number of combat levels lost for being wounded has been reduced.
Gameplay: Impart Wisdom now gives an appropriate buff.
Gameplay: Game now modified speed changes based on controllable Sims instead of household Sims.
Tuning: Sims will visit the tavern more often when the barkeep is actually there, working.
Gameplay: Surgery success rate is now dependent on the Physician’s focus instead of the patient’s focus.
Gameplay: If two Hero Sims are being controlled, they both gain XP when Practicing Military Strategy With each other.
Tuning: Gain rates of XP are increased when a Sim is being trained on the training dummy.
Gameplay: Sims performing the Train interaction on the Practice Dummy now receive XP.
Gameplay: Combustion Cordial is now a poison.
Tuning: Merchant can only “Ask to Buy Goods” once per Sim per day.
CAS: Fixed issue where eye colors no longer update properly when spending long intervals in CAS.
Furnish Mode: Can no longer Undo when the “Choose Material to Replace” UI is open.
Gameplay: Fresh food no longer stacks with spoiled food in the inventory.
CAS: Custom eye colors now properly update the color selection boxes.
Gameplay: There are now two wedding rings available for sale at appropriate times.
Gameplay: Fixed Map Tags that point to the incorrect location.
Gameplay: Objects in inventory can no longer be sold while in use.
Tuning: Pain points for performing surgery are based only on the worst wound and not on all wounds.
Tuning: Drunkard Sims no longer need drinks quite as frequently.
Tuning: The amount of Simoles for the “Make a Bet” interactions were raised.
Gameplay: Blacksmiths and Merchants now gain the “Made some Simoles” buff when they make a profit.
General: Saved game is no longer deleted when selecting Save As… just before entering Plan Outfit in CAS.
CAS: Add Outfit button no longer changes hair color when Planning an Outfit.
Quests: Fixed markers that showed the incorrect Sim portrait during Quests.
FX: Realigned the flames on the Jacoban Ceremonial Altar.
UI: The Village Shoppe now shows the correct quantity of wedding rings in the Sim’s inventory.
Gameplay: Fixed several situations where Sims can bear children in inappropriate places.
Gameplay: New quests cannot be taken if the Kingdom does not have a Monarch.
Gameplay: The achievement “Well-Versed” now correctly completes after the Bard recites 50 poems.
UI: The quest completion screen will now properly display the amount of XP rewarded relative to your current XP.
Furnish Mode: Favorites are now saved only to the Favorites folder.
Gameplay: Monetary reward visual effects now properly show when a Bard performs poetry.
UI: Bard’s inspiration can now be rearranged in the Sim’s inventory.
UI: Date stamp added to saved games.
Furnish Mode: Sim no longer remains transparent after switching to Live Mode.
UI: Inventory now closes when switching Sims after viewing proposed edicts in the tactical map.
Gameplay: Stacks of objects can now be properly be sold when dragging them onto the market stall.
General: User can now appropriately save the game after completing an Ambition and leveling up the “Watcher’s Level.”
Text: Marked for Death now properly states its origin.
Text: Fixed text issues in several languages.
Furnish Mode: Bassinet can no longer be placed in un-routable positions.
UI: Territory Map text is no longer erased if the territory is clicked on after text entry.
Furnish Mode: Tactical Map no longer gets stuck when entering Furnish Mode while looking at Edict Results.
UI: First Sleep interaction is no longer performed if there are multiple in the queue and the first one is cancelled.
Tuning: Fighting with the Pit Beast now awards XP.
Gameplay: The NPC now drinks the Prototype Anti-virus after it is administered.
Gameplay: Simoles from selling at the Village Shoppe now go to the appropriate Sim.
UI: Fixed situations where the quest button becomes grayed out.
Gameplay: Sims can now properly join an existing military strategy interaction on the Tactical Map or an existing card table game.
Gameplay: Can no longer equip armor from previous quests via the Change Outfit interaction.
Gameplay: Merchants can no longer Ask to Buy Goods or Bribe children.
Furnish Mode: Fixed cursor state issues when selecting objects.
Routing: Purchasing crafts will no longer cancel if done from a different lot.
Gameplay: Sims no longer get stuck at sea if switched out while on the Free Time quest.
Gameplay: Fixed several situations where Sims get stuck in objects.
Gameplay: Sims can now remove objects from forges from other lots.
Gameplay: The controlled Sim now appropriately cheats when user selected the Cheat interaction on the gaming table.
Furnish Mode: All objects with inventories transfer their goods to the Inventory of the lot owner.
Furnish Mode: Sims no longer fall through the floor when the camera is on a different floor and the Sim is routing when re-entering Live Mode.
Gameplay: Fixed several “soft lock” instances due to rapid key clicking.
Furnish Mode: Can no longer delete required objects from the Family inventory If there isn’t already a duplicate on the lot.
Art: Fixed various texture issues.
Gameplay: Sims can no longer perform the Whale Hunt quest interaction without the whaleboat or the harpoon.
Furnish Mode: Can not place the Puplatice Manual Cabinet into the Household Inventory.
General: Sims no longer constantly gain XP after performing certain actions.
Gameplay: Lute no longer displays when cancelling one of two queued up “Perform Song” interactions
UI: Fixed scrollbar functionality in the Hotkeys window.
Gameplay: Potentially Fireproof buff properly times out after the Dragon quest.
Furnish Mode: Household Inventory “Sell All” functions properly.
Gameplay: Level 1 Wizard can’t use high-level staves.
Gameplay: Quest ingredients return to inventory if item creation fails.
Gameplay: Jealous Warlock can duel

22nd Mar 2011, 8:48 PM
Hmmm. I get the "You don't have access" message whenever I try to visit the new forum via any links, and it's not showing up on the main page. Is that just me?

22nd Mar 2011, 8:51 PM
I just tried and it worked for me, kiwi_tea. By clicking the link and checking the Sims Discussion menu.

Thanks, Gnome. I think I have some of your relatives living in my garden ;)

22nd Mar 2011, 8:56 PM
I'm getting the "You don't have access" message as well.

22nd Mar 2011, 11:50 PM
Since this is a "stand alone"
Does anyone know if there will be download items for this one?
Such as Sims, lots, Programs and Utilities, Body Shop ETC

or will we just have to play the game as is...

23rd Mar 2011, 12:02 AM
Since this is a "stand alone"
Does anyone know if there will be download items for this one?
Such as Sims, lots, Programs and Utilities, Body Shop ETC

or will we just have to play the game as is...

I'm sure there will be. When has EA not taken the opportunity to milk a game for all its worth by putting overpriced stuff in the EA store? My guess: medieval hair. Each age is a separate download, and they're not familified. ;p

23rd Mar 2011, 10:55 PM
I'd laugh if somebody created some CC that was recent. Thus, you can make a story where somebody from the future is magically transported back to the medieval times. That'd be cool.

24th Mar 2011, 4:38 AM
EA does not allow conversions from one game to another

Huh. Is this a new thing? I've seen plenty of TS2->TS3 conversions on this very site.

24th Mar 2011, 6:46 AM
Specifically within the same "group" - so TS2 games and the spin offs (pet stories etc) is a no-no but TS2 to TS3 and back is not an issue for EA as far as I know. So as TSM is very similar to the TS2> Life Stories/castaway subgroup as far as TS3 is concerned, then TSM > TS3 will probably cause EA to send MTS a cease and desist notice.

27th Mar 2011, 5:27 PM
DO NOT TOUCH THAT PATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! It borked my game, making it so whenever i clicked any sim's portrait, it crashed. Wait for EA to fix it first.

28th Mar 2011, 4:14 AM
Same for me. It made it so when I clicked the options button, it shrunk down and crashed after right clicking on anything. Reinstalled without patch, haven't had a problem since.

30th Mar 2011, 5:44 PM
Typical, they release a patch to fix problems left in the actual game only to end up making more problems. Another EA story.

30th Mar 2011, 5:50 PM
I installed, patched to 1.1.10, played with no problems...aside from an unfortunate tendency to develop watcher's vertigo.

18th Apr 2011, 6:52 PM
well, I still have the same problem with the others. I also got the message "You do not have access". What shall I do? Can you help me? thanks

18th Apr 2011, 10:36 PM
"Conversions from TS3 to Medieval or Medieval to TS3 will not be allowed on MTS."

"Specifically within the same "group" - so TS2 games and the spin offs (pet stories etc) is a no-no but TS2 to TS3 and back is not an issue for EA as far as I know. So as TSM is very similar to the TS2> Life Stories/castaway subgroup as far as TS3 is concerned, then TSM > TS3 will probably cause EA to send MTS a cease and desist notice."

So, would it be bad to convert from TSM> TS2? Or should I just go ahead and ask EA for permission?

28th Apr 2011, 11:32 PM
Quick question, will the No-mosaic for Sims3 work on Sims3 medieval. Sorry if this has been asked before

29th Apr 2011, 12:43 AM
Why not use the no mosaic in the Mods thread in the Medieval section? :)