View Full Version : Indoor/Outdoor Grill - Made a hack by mistake

6th Feb 2011, 4:18 PM
I'm trying to make and indoor/outdoor grill that sits on a counter top so of course I needed to edit the grill BHAV's so a fire doesn't always start inside. I extracted the part of the Stove Grill Global that causes the fires to start (Sub - Set Fire if Inside), set it to false and them added it to my packages BHAV's.

The great part is that it works--my sims can grill inside without causing a fire. The bad part is that it's acting as a hack I think. I can grill inside on any grill now without causing a fire and my counter top grill doesn't even need to be on the lot.

Can anyone help me so only my grill doesn't start a fire inside?

And maybe tell me how to make my accidental hack into a real one as well? Do I just delete everything in the package but the edited BHAV? I know I always hated that grills caught fire inside so it would be cool to offer this as a stand alone hack too.

6th Feb 2011, 4:36 PM
Change the BHAV instance to 0xFFFFFFFF rather than the original and I think it will be fine. Right now it acts as an override for any object that calls that BHAV since it still has the original instance.

6th Feb 2011, 5:07 PM
Thanks for the quick reply, HL, but that didn't work. I tried changing the group and the instance (separately--I changed the group by accident first and then started over) and that caused my grill to catch on fire too.

You change them by clicking on the resource tab, editing those boxes, and then force commit?

6th Feb 2011, 6:48 PM
Oh, doh. Both group and instance need to be changed, and the 0xFFFFFFFF is the group not instance. That BHAV is being called from another BHAV since it is a sub (I think anyway). If changing the group/instance didn't work then my guess would be it's not actually be read during game play.

Edit: Now I'm not sure if the instance must be changed or if it would work just by changing the group. Looking at the Cook - _Type BHAV it calls the sub BHAV. If you leave the instance (2033) and just change the group it sounds logical that it would work...course I'm not an expert at BHAV's. LoL

6th Feb 2011, 7:18 PM
I think you're right about it not being read. Changing any of the group or instance bits just caused my grill to burst into flames again. I probably need to add something to the Function - Init BHAV that nullifies the global instruction just like you do to modify object placement. That's only a guess though--and as you know I'm usually wrong. :p

It was sheer dumb luck that I found it in the first place and it didn't take any skill at all to break it once I did find it. lol So I'm well over my head with this. Actually purposefully figuring out what lines I need to add to the Init BHAV is beyond me...Unless I just add the first two lines from the Sub BHAV (including my line where I break it) to the Init BHAV and see if that does anything? I might try that and see where it gets me.

I made my first Global Mod, yay! It seems to work fine with just the modified BHAV. I know I need to test it in a BGO game but is there anything else I should do? How in the world would I figure out if it will conflict with another mod--is there a way to search and see if anything else besides grills uses this?