View Full Version : Broken Shower Curtain Animations

6th Dec 2010, 3:59 PM
I have two showers that I cloned in order to slave the shower curtains to Jonesi's Bed Blankets but doing that breaks the shower curtain open and close animations.

I think I need to update the animation name referenced (I'm not sure how animations are even structured?) to match the name change that's done to the mesh/model in order to slave it but I don't know where to even look. Can anyone help me with this?

6th Dec 2010, 5:35 PM
The showers have a morph mesh in them, which you will lose if exported as obj. To retain the morph you want to right click the GMDC and choose export, then import this into Milkshape as Sims Unimesh Import v.409A. Then after remapping export the same way, right click the GMDC in simpe and import. Your mesh in both packages have no morph.

6th Dec 2010, 5:39 PM
Thank you, HL, I swear you know everything. :D I don't have Milkshape though--I'm using Wings 3D. Do you (or anyone) know if there's an equivalent process or am I just SOL?

I'm just going to do these without editing the original meshes at all (the changes were minor anyway) so I don't lose the morph mesh in the process. Thanks again for your help. :)