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10th Jul 2010, 4:02 AM
I'm putting a light dome on top of a vehicle, and I'm having trouble getting the texture to appear in game. I'm adding a new part to an existing group. The pre-existing part of the group appears properly in game, but the new part does not.

I found an inconsistency in the "stdMatBaseTextureName" for this group relative to the other groups, and fixed it, but the problem persisted.

I also found something else. In TXMT, under the "all references" tab, the affected group has a "TXTR" and a "stdMatBaseTextureName" string. If I select "TXTR," the "values" box shows the location (on the computer) of the .package file. If I select "stdMatBaseTextureName," the "values" box show "[unreferenced]." This is inconsistent with the other groups. I dunno if this is the culprit, but it seems like a likely suspect. The thing is that I can't change this in the "values" box.

I know that others have had this problem addressed here, and I tried to follow the advice given in other threads on the issue, but I've gotten nowhere thus far. I'm really at a loss, and would greatly appreciate any help.

10th Jul 2010, 4:15 AM
What are the names of the groups you added? I'm looking at your .package in SimPE and it's a bit confusing.

Oh, how are you exporting your mesh(es)? It seems that your MilkShape is not registered and I didn't think you could export with an unregistered version.

10th Jul 2010, 5:27 AM
I didn't add any groups. I added to the 1c group. Yes - you can export with the trial version of MilkShape.

10th Jul 2010, 6:35 AM
Oh, ok. I haven't really looked at cars before.

The black/white/red in your screenshot means that there is no texture. Looking at the textures, it looks to me like the textures for 1c are mapped on the texture for 1. (There is a grey area.) What changes (if any) did you make to the TXMT for 1c? Can you try exporting the TXTR for 1 and mapping your addition to the grey area? (There is a grey area right about the license plate, there's also a metal area below it.)

10th Jul 2010, 7:45 AM
Well, I got the same result both before and after I made the only change I made to the TXMT for 1c (and I haven't made any changes to any other TXMTs). That change was to change the 1c "stdMatBaseTextureName" so that it matched the other "stdMatBaseTextureNames". It didn't seem to do anything. The texture appeared the same way in game before and after the change.

1 and 1c are both mapped on the same TXTR. Maybe that's the problem.

10th Jul 2010, 3:36 PM
Mapping both to the same texture is not an issue. The package you posted is not the same one as your pics. The attached one is missing mesh parts. Please update the package to the one your pics show in game.

10th Jul 2010, 3:55 PM
The package is the same one in the pics. Since taking the pics I've deleted the red part, but it's still the same mesh and the same issue. If you want, I can take a new screen shot.

10th Jul 2010, 4:20 PM
This is the mesh from your package. It's missing the top round part of the mesh. So the package you have attached is different than the one the pic shows.

Also the round base part shows up grey in simpe and in game, probably due to it being mapped to a solid grey part on the texture. Usually if not linked to a texture it shows up white in simpe.

10th Jul 2010, 5:20 PM
You know what - this might be an issue with my graphics card. If the base is showing up gray in-game for you, that's inconsistent with the way that it's showing up in-game for me. For me, it's showing up as shown in the screenshot. Gimme a minute, and I'll replace the screenshot.

EDIT: done.

10th Jul 2010, 5:44 PM
The red/black numbers is because it can't find the texture. Looking at the TXMT of the attached package the 1959impala-[krybabee-1959-impala-police]_1c_txmt is looking for a texture called##0x1C050000!1959impala-[krybabee-1959-impala-police]-1c which doesn't exist. In the stdMatBaseTextureName change the filename to ##0x1C050000!1959impala-[krybabee-1959-impala-police]-1 (the same as the names for the TXMT for 1959impala-[krybabee-1959-impala-police]_1_txmt), the txtr link on the File List tab should change but if it doesn't change that one as well.

10th Jul 2010, 5:58 PM
Sleeping late ftl.

What HL said is why I asked what changes you made to the TXMT for 1c. 1c is mapped to 1 so the TXMT does need to point to 1.

10th Jul 2010, 7:05 PM
@ HugeLunatic: Bingo!!!! That worked. Thanx a ton.

@ mustluvcatz: I shoulda been more specific about the change that I made, however the original TXMT was incorrect as well. I appreciate your help a bunch.

@ Beginners (like myself): As I noted in my first post on this thread, I looked through other threads in this forum and found several with the same issue, but with different solutions. It can be really tough to find what's wrong in the TXMT, so this can be a particularly frustrating problem for a beginner who is thinking about giving up on meshing altogether. In this instance, the creator of the car from which this was remeshed was Vovillia (who knows a little something about creating cars), and he (up to the time that I'm posting this) has been unable to isolate the problem (I'll be sure to let him know). The point is that beginners with this issue need to have a little patience - don't give up, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

10th Jul 2010, 11:51 PM
Glad you have it all sorted out. :)

10th Jul 2010, 11:57 PM
Me too. *makes note to study car meshes*