View Full Version : Looking for 'partner' for object creating...

15th Jun 2010, 12:42 AM
i recently started into the whole object creating and i love it and have dozens of ideas...but i'm a complete bonehead when it comes to uv mapping and finishing a package file. i am a beast at doing 3d renderings and mesh making though and coloring uv maps.

so what i am asking is if anyone wants to partner up? i am currently working on a project involving plants. there are never enough plants in the game and the ones in there are kinda wimpy looking (i.e.-a rose bush that doesn't even fill an entire square, lilies stand about 6" off the ground...etc) and i want to fix it.

if anyone is interested, let me know...i'm working on a few meshes now...

15th Jun 2010, 2:43 AM
We don't really have a place for this, and the Repair Center is certainly not even close.

Want you want to do here is the fun part, creating the meshes and leaving the harder sucky parts, uvmapping and package creation to someone else. The best way to uvmap is to do so as you mesh so that for repeating mesh parts you can duplicate already mapped parts. You may not get a lot of takers, I know I certainly wouldn't want to. ;p

You can look in the WCIF forum at the thread for creators who takes requests for objects and you could pm one of them to see if they would like to collaborate.