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16th Apr 2010, 6:49 AM
I've been trying to convert some objects from the sims 3 and I decided to start with the decorative fire tools. I cloned the basegame decorative urn statue and replaced it with the new mesh and it shows up in game just fine aside from the texture.

I've tried to import the png texture in simPE, update all sizes and commit-save, but as soon as I click away from the image, it turns black. When I open the object in the game it is completely black as well.

It's probably some tiny thing I've missed but this is my first time working with meshing so I'm not sure where I went wrong.

Thanks in advance

16th Apr 2010, 7:02 AM
I've just tried importing a texture into your package and it worked fine.

What size is the PNG picture you're trying to import? You have an absolutely gigantic texture map in the package - 2048 x 2048 which is in NO WAY necessary for this kind of object. You should really reduce it to 256 x 256 (just delete the three largest ones). Then check that your PNG is the right size and try importing it again. If it has any kind of transparency in it remember to use DTX3 or DTX5.

16th Apr 2010, 7:38 AM
Thank you for replying so quickly. The png is 128x128 lol. I tried resizing the largest ones to that size using the 'build' feature, but it only added more files.

I now tried deleting all the files over 128x128 and then imported the png onto that texture. It seemed to work well at first but in game it had the white crossed over error texture. When I try to access it in SimPE again I get an "unable to read beyond the end of the stream" error and it recreates the larger files up to 2048x2048 :/

16th Apr 2010, 8:08 AM
Okay, I managed to recreate the error. Don't know why it happens, but here's how I fixed it:

Do what you described above. Delete the four largest texture maps. Choose the 128 x 128. Import texture. Update all sizes. Commit. Save.

Close the package. Reopen it and go to the TXTR. You will get an error saying it can't read beyond the stream. Once that's over, choose the biggest texture map, click build and resize it to 128 x 128. Import texture. Update all sizes. Commit. Save.

I've tried this three times and it has worked the same way. Maybe it will for you too. If not I've attached a fixed package with a new 128 x 128 texture. You should be able to import your own texture into that without problems.

16th Apr 2010, 8:53 AM
I'd somehow managed to bork my own copy completely but I used yours and it shows up beautifully now :D

I hope to start converting more decorative items from the sims 3 so the instructions you gave me should come in handy if I run into this problem again.

It always amazes me how helpful and quick to respond you guys are. Thank you so much for your time :)