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30th Mar 2010, 5:26 PM

So I started making my first mesh and I went through lots of tutorials here and on other sites. I tried to be very careful and fix the mistakes I made as I went along with the project (there were many) and after about the 6th try, I thought I finally got it right...

So I color-blocked my new mesh's UV map so I could get an idea of which parts go where. I did a build DXT for all the textures in the texture area except the one that looked like the texture for the couch shadow. I made sure to get a new GUID for all pieces listed under "Object Data" and I updated all MMATs for the main GUID *only* as one tutorial stated.

So I don't understand why the original textures are still showing up on my loveseat, as well as all the original color options being available for it in game. The mesh looks good, the ground shadow looks fine without me having changed it. Item desc. and price are listed properly. The loveseat I cloned it from still shows up in the catolog and works properly. So what is wrong with my couch?

I am guessing (from my limited knowledge) that maybe the loveseat I cloned pulls its textures from the matching couch which is overriding my texture for the new loveseat. Is there anyway to change this, or do I need to pick a new item to clone entirely?

If so, does anyone have any ideas where I can find a loveseat to clone that has two subsets available (which I planned on doing for this loveseat once I get it working right) and is not a slave to a couch?


30th Mar 2010, 6:27 PM
Yes indeed the quaint loveseat is a slave to the quaint sofa. The best way to find an object, it's recolorable parts, and the master/slave is the CEP documentation. Pretty sure any loveseat in game is slaved to it's sofa counterpart, well except the IKEA pack. I had to fix that one. Silly EA. If there is loveseat that doesn't have a sofa to match then it should have the proper resources included, but those are addable anyway.

Any way, you don't have any MMATs in this package. The SHPE resource for the fabric subset is pointing to the quaintsofa texture and not the one in your package. Fixing the link in the SHPE to point to the proper TXMT will give your loveseat the color in the package, but you need to add those MMATs for it to be recolorable.

I would recommend looking at a tutorial by Ignorant Bliss on adding a subset and making it recolorable, it will show you what parts are necessary to fix in this package.


30th Mar 2010, 6:45 PM
Thanks so much! I'll read through the tut and hopefully I'll be able to fix the problem. It sounds complicated but I'll cross my fingers that my brain can handle it. :)

31st Mar 2010, 12:21 AM
Ok, so I went through the steps of the tut and it still doesn't seem to be working. I'm just taking a wild guess here because from what I've read, the tut doesn't point to what I need to change which I'm guessing is this little bit of info here.


I thought that maybe that was the final step. That this needed to be changed to reference the txtr file of the loveseat that I made and not the couch but when I changed it, the preview still showed no texture on my mesh. :( Adding current package...

:is lost:

31st Mar 2010, 1:51 AM
Yes that is the line you need to change. Notice the line for Base? That points to the TXMT for the base texture. You want the fabric one to point to the TXMT for the fabric texture. So when you click that entry there is one line for the subset name and one line below for the TXMT link.

There are a few loveseats in game to clone that don't look like slaves. The satinistics, Lips one from Uni, Expensive Camel back, and the adirondack. The last one has two subsets in it already the only thing you would need to change would be the category since it is an outdoor loveseat.

31st Mar 2010, 3:45 PM
Yes, I thought so. I added the base myself and so through doing that I figured that was the case, but not only does the texture for the fabric subset not show when I change that line of text, the new base subset I added according to the tut is not working in game... just blue (not flashing). I don't know what I did wrong but I decided to give up and find a new object to clone. I looked through the game and found the camel back which had the two subsets and no matching couch.

Thanks so much for your help! You've been very kind, and I will definitely keep that outdoor loveseat in mind if I ever need it. :)