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28th Feb 2010, 11:24 AM
I'm completely stumped and could really do with some help from somebody more competent in these matters than me.

I made a dresser with three placement slots on the top. For a while it kept crashing the game when placed, but with some really good help from HugeLunatic I managed to solve that.

Then I discovered another issue. The bounding mesh is too tall for the mesh, meaning that it isn't possible to recolor or remove the objects placed in the slots, because you pick up the dresser itself instead. I had cloned from the designer dresser which is a good 0.7 taller than my mesh.

The problem is I can't seem to adjust the bounding mesh to the right height without causing a crash when the dresser is placed. I've tried simply clicking 'add to bounding mesh' in the GMDC, and I've also tried deleting all the groups in the GMDC and then adding the mesh I'm importing. I've tried both ticking and unticking the 'add to bounding mesh' when importing. Nothing work.

At one point I began all over, re-cloned and did nothing but import my new mesh and change the GUID. Same result. The moment I touch the 'add to bounding mesh' button I get a crash.

Can anybody tell me how to get around this? :help:

If it's any help, the package seems to grow with about 20kb when I click 'add to bounding mesh', and I'm importing a MilkShape 3D ASCII mesh with joints.

The package I've attached is the almost working one. Meaning it doesn't cause any crashes, but the bounding mesh is taller than the dresser itself, so the deco objects in the slots on top can't be accessed.

Thank you VERY much in advance to anyone who can help me solve this.


28th Feb 2010, 8:04 PM
Please disregard this. I finally figured it out. It had to be done with UniMesh.

Wanted to delete this thread, but can't find out how to do it. Sorry.

28th Feb 2010, 8:26 PM
Glad you got it sorted out moune.

28th Feb 2010, 8:59 PM
Thanks HugeLunatic. I'm sorry to have come running in here in a panic before applying my brain waves to the problem just one final time.