View Full Version : Bump Mapped floor & wall not showing up on BS

27th Feb 2010, 12:13 AM
Wow, the title are really big /)

Well, I've made a floor and a wall using Simpe and added bump map for both. Ok so far, Tested in my game with all the SPs and EPs and nice! But when I use AnyGame with only Base game it didn't show uped.

So, i've made using home crafter and open in Simpe and added the bump map. Still the same thing: only show if there's a expansion. i've tested with Base game only (any game) not worked, Base Game + University (because there's the first EP - any game) worked and with all sps and eps (using any game and my "original" game - worked as well).

So, any help how I can fix it? I really wanna include my floor and wall showing in Base game because the whole set IS for base game compatible.

I've include the 4 packages, made using HC (original names floor_etc and wall_etc) and Simpe (EletroDJ_PisoMinalista.package for Floor and EletroDJ_PapeldeParedeMinimalista.package for Wall)


4th Mar 2010, 10:07 AM
I've tested your wall & floor, bumps are working fine in my configuration (uni, nl, seasons). For some reason, I can't have Anygame or Basegame Starterpro working... So I can't test properly.
I'm aware this is not helping you at all, sorry. At least you know, you're not ignored... :)
Good luck !

5th Mar 2010, 4:52 PM
Yeah, thanks!

I think I will make 2 versions. 1 for base game w/ot bumps and a 2nd version with bumps for Uni + up.

Maybe, for some reason, BaseGame *doesn't* accept bumps on walls and floor.