View Full Version : Can anyone help me make this object: Workbench PC

2nd Feb 2009, 1:04 AM
Before I begin, I have to say that I have all of the expansion packs. Not the additional object packs, just expansion, like Nightlife, Open for Business, etc...

The objects should physically resemble a PC. Any PC. The interactions should be similar to workbenches and flower stations.

I want to be able to assign workers to the object in the Open for Business expansion pack. Assign them to "Do Office Work", or "Write Program Code". After several hours, the job is done, and DING! Program is done and automatically sold.

If anyone can guide me how to use SimPE or build it for me, that would be greatly appreciated.


2nd Feb 2009, 1:25 AM
Posting your email address on a public forum is a great way to end up signed up for porn spam you never subscribed to - I'm removing it so you don't get spammed up the wazoo.

This forum is not for requests or "please make it for me" type stuff, but to ask specific questions on things you're stuck on. Based on your join date and from the sound of your post, you really don't know how to make objects whatsoever - and what you're asking for is a tall order! Most modders skillful enough to know how to make something like that have enough ideas of their own, and not enough time to make them, so if you want it made, the fastest way to get it done will probably be to learn to make it yourself.

Basically, to make this you would need to main avenues of knowledge:
1) Creation of the object itself - the mesh, uv map, and textures. There's a basic tutorial on that to get you started in the tutorials area in Object Creation - Meshing.
2) BHAVs, to make it work for interactions like you want. There's a tutorial by Echo to get you started on that sort of thing.

Go and explore the basics of those two concepts, and then branch out - do somewhat more complex stuff. Don't try to tackle your chosen project just yet but keep it in mind. You need to build up your skills before you try something that complex. Once you feel you've got down the basics and then some, you'll be prepared to start thinking about your project of choice, and will be a lot more ready to ask specific questions to get you to where you want to be.